Why you should use plastic crates for pets?

by Martin Jacob Equip2go

While a metal or plastic crates Melbourne isn't the prettiest item in your dog's accessories, it's an absolute necessity for most dog owners, especially those starting out with young puppies. But let's face it, a box is generally downright ugly in a room that is otherwise attractive. So, what can be done to improve the look of one's home, yet Fido intrudes? It can also be fitted with a cover available from the same company. However, the price may have you running away with your tail between your legs- $320 for the case and $179 for the cover. $575 for the starter pack. And it only fits dogs between 4-40 lbs.

Find a perfect plastic crate

What if you already have a perfect box and just want to hide it a bit? A sheet or blanket hurriedly thrown over the thing will temporarily hide it from view in an emergency, but if you want something more elegant, try making a box cover. There are a few methods, but the 3-panel method is the quickest and easiest.

Sturdy materials

You'll need a fairly sturdy fabric, sewing tools (a machine makes the job much, much faster), and a tape measure. Measure your dog's crate and add 2 inches to the seams. For plastic crates Sydney you may need to allow a little more as they usually expand until they hit the centre of the box where the two halves of the box join. Simply sew the 3 panels together and fit them over the box. If you really want to go to the extreme, find a piece of plywood and cut it to fit the top of the box and make a small table.

Find the perfect fit

Speaking of tables, another option is to find a table that fits over the box, which you can then drape with a nice fabric. This is a good strategy that doesn't scream "There's a DOG BOX in disguise here!" The table can be a nice accent in the room the playpen is in, it can be moved around easily if the dog playpen has to travel and it won't be nearly as expensive as the Town.

If you have enough closet space, your dog's crate can be placed in a closet with a folding door so you can lock it when guests come over. Unfortunately, if the dog has to be crated, you probably don't want to lock Puppy in a locked cabinet. Solutions for this are making a hole in the cupboard door so that the cash register door can swing freely, hanging a nice curtain in the cupboard so that it hides the cash register, or placing a light screen in front of the open door. This can be difficult if the locker is located in a busy area.

Folding crates for easy storage

Some people have had success creating a small "dog room" with folding screens that hide the crate, food bowls, etc. You can make your own or keep an eye on garage sales. With two sets of folding wardrobes doors, you can make a beautiful folding screen from a hardware store or home/garden center. Place the box in a corner if you can and arrange the display artistically for it. It gives your dog more privacy and you a more atmospheric room.

Final thoughts

There are many options for making your dog's crate less discreet in the house. You can make a great outfit relatively inexpensively if you decide what you want and shop smart. Then you can stop cringing every time you see that black metal or cream monstrosity.

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