Why you should not attempt Data recovery on your own?

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Ever imagined attempting to recover your lost data from your phone? Many times, because you have probably seen a DIY video that says anyone can do it. It is easy if the problem is not too complex. However, there are many reasons why you should roll up the sleeves and sit at a comfortable spot to retrieve the data. 

Let’s go through the reasons quickly:

  • The hard drive is something, that tricky and hard.
  • It looks easy like formatting the data but it is much more than that.
  • It is a task that requires experiences and it’s very complex.
  • A wrong move to retrieving your data = permanent loss of your crucial data. 
  • You think it is simply following a DIY video but it is complex the more you get into it.

These are common reasons and most important to fit in your head before attempting anything. Hard drive and data are not a piece of cake. It is made of complicated elements and things that only people who are aware of the terms know. Unless and until we do not have any knowledge, it is a waste of time, money, and efforts a well as a big Risk. So just for certain basic understanding an overview, we have presented detailed information for you. Here is how you will understand what you must and must not expect from the data recovery process. 

When you can try to recover data?

If you have accidentally removed or formatted your hard drive. Or your PC got shut down prematurely and you were saving up some stuff. Or you have virus software installed on your device then you probably will be able to recover the data on your own.

You need no data recovery software or tools to get your data back. As they can be easily accessible if you use a few free tools to do it and this isn’t a very challenging job. But there is a thin line between identifying the program being complex or easy. You have to estimate how severe the issue is before committing it. 

If you are in the process of attempting the data here are the rules:

  • Never record the data to the same old drive. The recorded data will be overwritten which will lead to the previous data being lost and deleted permanently. This way, your process of retrieving will become a big failure. 
  • Also, if not failure, the recovery option will get limited and only a few files or data can be gained back. Be sure that you know you have saved it to a new space and not on the old ones.
  • Working on a hard drive that hasn’t been viewed, examined earlier is a risk. So, if you save your file on a new hard drive, you need to know whether it will function accordingly or not.
  • For example: operating on a drive that is bad may cause the file to be lost, fail, or eventually unrecoverable. 

Top reasons to Not Recover All on your own

The average amount of people doesn’t know that the recovery of the data is not as simple and easy as the formatting of data. This is why they assume that if they can format the data they don’t want, how difficult could it be retrieving it? These DIY and hacks have made it easier in our heads to assume that anything is possible. It is true to some extent, but a complex task has professional people to help you. You wouldn’t go to a dentist to treat your cold and flu, would you? That’s why professional and expert people should only be assigned given the work they are good at. 

  • Unlike any other work that you do, which involves your knowledge, interests, and liking. Having the data back to you is not something you do often. It is a very sophisticated process and many people find it hard to check and get it back. 
  • The hard drive has components that are very delicate and if not used properly, they are get damaged resulting in hard drive failure. That is probably the last thing you would want, especially if you have important files and data stored in it. 
  • Data recovery service providers use cleanroom areas where the hard drive doesn’t get exposed to air that can cause trouble to it. The airborne dust and other particles are very dangerous to the drive which only result in damaging it. This is not something you want especially if you are doing the recovery on your own.
  • Data recovery is a complex process, the more you try to understand it, the more you find yourself messed up in it. Often time, people try to run the disk repair program and this is the worst idea ever. The software is complex and clean environment plus understanding both is required to perform the task. 
  • Your one mistake can remove the data that you have stored in it for so many years. Do you want that? The disk repair program seems to be a great option, as the name suggests, but the option can damage all things stored in it. It creates a new drive after all the old information is washed away. This means, if you are planning to retrieve old data, you are deleting them all through this option. 

List of things that are a BIG NO

  1. Never try to partition the software on the media that has failed.
  2. Never try to reformat the media that has failed.
  3. Do not try to use software or tools to open the hard drive that has crashed or failed.
  4. Do not freeze or heat your hard drive by any possibility or thing.
  5. Do not give up if you have lost your data on your hard drive.

When you should plan to seek help from a data recovery service provider?

  •  If you believe your data is in big risk and can be permanently deleted from your hard drive.
  • If you need your data at the earliest and you see no possible way to retrieve it
  • When you notice your hard drive being failed again and again and crashing.

If you witness a few of the common signs mentioned below, it is time where you give it to a professional data recovery service provider: 

  1. The drive is dropped or physically damaged. 
  2. If you get a constant message from your laptop or device saying your hard drive is damaged.
  3. If you receive an error again and again.
  4. The drive starts clicking and the sound is completely abnormal.
  5. The computer shows a blue screen which is weird and not seen often.
  6. The computer is showing and acting slower than usual which is something that doesn’t happen frequently. 

If you are having any of the signs like this mentioned above, you probably need to let this be attempted by a professional hand only. The short answer is, you may have the work must worst if you do it all on your own. Reduce the possibility of getting things all messed up and give to a professional service provider. 

Techchef is the leading data recovery service provider

If you know you can bump up and destroy your data, you probably should seek help from Techchef. Data recovery is a complicated process and it requires immediate assistance. We know how things can be complicated and how badly you want your data back. We understand we also wish to gain privacy f your information and not trust anyone with that. Thus, in cases like this, you can rely on the services we provide to you. 

At Techchef, you can rely on the data recovery service we provide to you. We have been in the business for a very long time and thus our services are not like any other data recovery solution. 
Our efforts are to bring in 100% recovery solution as we use best in class tools and techniques and also clean room service. We use all possible efforts to safeguard your data and use precautions so you get your information back and safely.

Techchef be the right assistance.

At Techchef, our clients are the asset and we try our level best to keep you satisfied with the results. We use modern techniques so you get the best of all that you deserve. Your trust in our service encourages us to do more and better for us. 

Data recovery is performed by smart professionals that we have hired for you. They have maintained the consistency of getting 100% recovery, so when the data is recovered, we will show you the result and you can tell us if you are happy with the recovery.

We pick up the media and store it in a safe zone, and our in-house experts will ensure the process is conducted safely. This way, the data verification will also be done from you and once you give us the green signal, we will process it. 

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