Why You Should Always Have a Screen Protector On Your Phone

by Dillon Patterson Article Publisher

Your smart phone might be the most valuable thing on your person right now. In fact, it may be how you're reading this exact article.

We aren't talking value solely based on money. It holds photos of your family, your daily grocery lists, your best friend's new number, and all your favourite playlists. Without a smart phone, your life would be so much different.

Carrying around such a valuable piece of technology can be scary. Everyone goes still for a second the moment a nearby person drops their phone. Protective wear for your phone, especially a screen protector, is vital.

If you aren't convinced that your phone needs a screen protector, keep reading. We are here to show you why you should go pick one up for your phone today.

General Wear of the Day

Whether it's sticking your phone in your pocket or shoving it into the pocket of a purse, your phone undergoes plenty of heat and contact with other materials. A major cause of phone scratches is car keys.

The tricky thing about things scratching our phones is we don't normally think about it. We just throw it in our bag before heading out for the day.

To make sure your car keys aren't scratching up the screen or the leftover sand in your beach bag doesn't make its mark, grab a phone screen protector. A quick purchase can save your phone from small scratches.

Keep in mind that over time, all these small scratches may add up for you. Your phone screen is only so big and can't handle too many marks before it all starts to obstruct your view.

Not only does it protect from regular scratching, it protects against things you don't expect.

Maybe your dog licks your phone screen. Perhaps you drop food over it when eating your Instagram-worthy meal. And hey, don't forget about your kid's cheesy chip fingers playing a game on it.

Plastic or Glass?

One of the main debates when choosing a new phone screen protector is the choice between glass or plastic.

Plastic screens are going to be a bit cheaper than glass ones. However, a glass screen protector can be as low as $10. You can compare this to the cost of a broken iPhone screen repair and the difference is easy to see.

It's much cheaper, right?

If you do choose to go with a plastic screen protector, it will feel different than the normal glass screen on a phone. If this is something that bothers you, drop the few extra dollars on a glass screen protector because it feels smoother.

Looking at thickness, glass is going to be ever so slightly thicker so this may result in the home button feeling a tiny bit deeper than if you were to use plastic. However, it's so minor it won't even matter.

With the debate between plastic or glass, it all comes down to personal taste. Since a glass screen protector doesn't cost too much and has a similar feel to the original screen, we recommend glass.

Save Money

Money is the name of the game when it comes down to buying or investing in any new product. People want bang for their buck without spending too many bucks.

Let's go into a hypothetical modern tragedy. You're sitting with all your friends at dinner, and you've been waiting for this night forever. You have on your new dress and the perfect heels.

While taking a video of everyone smiling and laughing at the table, your hand, which was just used to eat a lovely finger food, becomes slippery from the food, and you drop your phone. The phone bounces off the table and immediately slams on the ground.

Everyone stops breathing for a second as you bend over and pick it up. You’re relieved to find that the actual screen isn’t broken, but you realize that it’s all scratched up from the dirt from people's shoes on the floor. It has tons of scratches and can't stand it.

While your phone itself didn't break, it's not the same. So you go to have your screen replaced. That ends up being around $100.

Like we said before, investing in a glass screen protector will save you tons of money down the road. Ditch all the warranties they try to scam you with at the cell phone store.

Simply invest in good protective gear, like a screen protector and phone case. Unfortunately, when looking at details of a phone repair insurance plan, the overall amount is more than it would be to repair a phone.

If you do choose to run the risk of having to find a repair shop over the insurance plan, your gas bill to get to one, along with the repair cost, will still be cheaper than the insurance plan.

Worry Less

Money aside, having a screen phone protector takes a heap of worry off your shoulders.

While you still should be careful with your phone, you won't be sweating every single time you take it out of your pocket. Have a little ease about the state of your phone screen and invest in a good screen protector.

No one likes walking around feeling like they have a ticking time bomb in their pocket. Let's all be honest, that's what being careful with a nice phone can feel like.

You also won't worry too much when your kids insist on playing games while you work around the house or cook dinner. No one likes working when stressed.

A Screen Protector Can Save a Life

Well, a phone's life, but you get the idea.

Whether it is plastic or glass, a screen protector is the way to go when thinking about your phone. Save yourself from the inevitable scratches, from the money you might spend on repair, and from the dirt-covered hands of your child.

Having a screen protector will make you feel way less stressed about the safety of your beloved smart phone. So don't worry about searching for a cell phone repair shop, sit back, watch a movie, and enjoy.

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