Why Web Developers Using Node.js

by Avinash Mittal Blogger

Web development company in Dubai must always keep up to date to make sure they are up to date with the latest trends in their work area, because only in this way can they guarantee that their work is successful. If you are a programmer and you are looking to keep up-to-date, surely you know Node.js and its benefits, but if not, here are some reasons why you should learn to use this open source multiplatform runtime environment to develop web applications .

In general we can say that Node.js is a Javascript interpreter that works on the server side and completely changes the notion of how it should work. What is innovative about this runtime environment is that, traditionally, Web Development Companies in Dubai work using JavaScript on the client side but are looking for a new language on the server side; With Node.js this would no longer be necessary, as it is a Javascript interpreter, the same programming language could be used on both sides.

What is it for? So that both the server and client sides are handled in the same way, thus eliminating information asymmetries.

And why should it be used to develop web applications? We give you 10 reasons:

You must use Node.js because ...

  • Because it can run on a variety of servers , including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.
  • Because platforms such as Linkedin, eBay or PayPal were created with Node.js, which indirectly is a sample of its quality.
  • Its performance has surprised programmers around the world, allowing you to create high-quality work and reducing the scope for technical errors.
  • Its resemblance to JavaScript makes this language easier to learn .
  • Node.js opens up a whole new world of possibilities for programmers, allowing them to create highly scalable and innovative applications , writing code that allows tens of thousands of simultaneous connections on a single server. So far, most server programs allow a maximum of approximately 4,000 users connected at the same time, so to increase this figure, companies must add servers, a problem that would disappear with the use of Node.js since it can support tens of thousands of concurrent connections and thus reduce infrastructure costs.
  • It is ideal for handling applications with high user traffic and events, such as Twitter where hundreds of thousands of tweets are sent every second.
  • The development of applications is much faster , the applications too and therefore the user can access a better user experience. This is because Node.js uses Google's V8 engine.
  • Allowing Web Design Company in Dubai to write JavaScript on both the server and client sides makes the data transfer between these points faster and therefore reduces labor times .
  • It promotes the exchange between developers, who can be inspired by the solutions of other colleagues for their own work or share their achievements with them and thus generate a collaborative community.
  • It is the best option for ecommerce web design UAE  to develop real-time applications , such as online chats or certain games.


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