Why Using Blast Chiller is Crucial for Restaurants and Other Food Businesses?

by Dale Bergin Blogger

Blast chillers are a welcome addition to several restaurants, caterings, and many other organisations that serve food in bulk. It comes with rapid cooling technology that makes it convenient, efficient, and safe. They are widely used in hotels, big restaurants, canteens, fast-food restaurants, and many other commercial kitchens.

They are designed to preserve food and beverage. If anyone is looking for a safe and effective method for preserving their food, then blast chillier is one of the best solutions for them. It is ideal to find one of the best catering equipment suppliers for buying the best quality blast chillers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and blast chillers for restaurants, hotels, and other commercial kitchens.

Below, I’m going to share some important things about blast chillier that help you know why is essential for food businesses.

  • The Problem with Common Refrigeration 

A standard refrigeration unit generally uses a liquid cooling system that helps to reduce the temperature each time when it’s opened. Opening the door releases the cool air inside and triggers the compressor that starts to cool the new, warm that that has entered.

       It happens each time when the refrigerator is opened, but sometimes it can slow the process. This means that fridges in heavy use are at risk from continuous temperature fluctuations, as well as long-term temperature drops.

       This is one of the most serious problems when dealing with foodstuffs because harmful bacteria can develop quickly when chilled food items have risen above 4-degree Celsius.

  •         The Power of Blast Chillier 

       For combating temperature fluctuations in heavy use units, the blast chiller works a bit differently. It uses a combination of multiple high-power compressors and large fans that rapidly circulate air inside. It also replaces lost cold air more quickly than the regular refrigerator.

       It is one of the most useful equipments for businesses that need to access their refrigeration quickly throughout the day without thinking about the risks of bacterial development. Here are some foods that enjoy the benefits of being kept in blast chillers:

  • Fish and Seafood 

       Fishes and seafood are kept in blast freezers to preserve the quality of freshly caught fish. There are many hotels and restaurants that freeze calm, oysters, and muscles and allow them to cool in the refrigerator. Blast chillers also help you to serve the shellfish raw on the half shell.

  •         Wine and Beverages

       There is nothing quite like a glass of wine when two individuals are enjoying a meal. Blast chillers are one of the ideal options for cooling down the bottles of wine and beer from room temperature within a short space of time.

  •      Baked Goods

       Blast freezers are also one of the best methods for quickly cooling down baked foods after the time out of the oven. Rapid cooling of baked foods helps it retain the crisp texture of its crust and also allows people to eat them at their best possible temperature for dessert. Rapid cooling is also great for bakes pasta dishes that people want to make ahead and for sauces and braises.

  •       Ice Cream

       Blast chillers are widely used for ice creams and sorbets. Its fast process ensures that smaller ice crystals translate into a smooth creamy texture that melts in the mouth and also brings out the sweetness and flavors. 

  •      Homemade Pasta

      There are some chefs that use a blast chiller to air-dry homemade pasta. It allows chefs to reduce the waiting time between mixing, shaping, and baking. It also helps to reduce the oxidation in the dough, so the final food product has a pure, sweet, and buttery flavor.


       Blast chillers provide several benefits for different types of food businesses. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a caterer, inverting in a blast chiller is one of the smart and safe choices. You can find a reliable catering equipment supplier for buying blast chillerscommercial coffee equipment, fridges, microwave ovens, and blast chillers for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial kitchens.

        About the Author:

      The author is associated with a leading catering equipment supplier that delivers the finest kitchen and commercial supplies at unmatched prices. The company has an array of products including commercial coffee equipment, food mixers, convection ovens, soup kettles, and blast chillers for restaurants, hotels, canteens, bakery, cafe, and many others. 

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