Why Tree Pruning Is Not as Easy as It Looks?

by Kevin Smith Author

In theory, anyone can take pruning scissors and cut off extra branches from a tree. However, there is actually an art to pruning to ensure that the effect is pleasing and that the tree remains healthy. You should probably leave tree pruning in Edmonton to the specialists, unless you’re willing to do the extensive research to find out how to do it right. Here is why it’s not as easy as it seems.

When to Prune

You must know when to prune. It may be tempting to trim your trees in the fall after the leaves have fallen off and you can evaluate the new growth from the summer season. But that’s actually never a good time for pruning, because the tree doesn’t have time to heal before the winter. As a result, your tree may succumb to fungi.

Winter and early spring is the best time for pruning. Certain types of trees may also be pruned in summer or once their flowers fade. An expert arborist will know what makes the most sense for the specific types of trees in your yard.

Where to Cut

Pruning is more than just mindlessly cutting off branches that don’t look right. There’s a real skill to ensuring that your tree doesn’t become lopsided and has enough healthy branches to support its growth to maturity. In some cases, you must trim the tree to prevent it from growing into power lines or above the roof of your home. In that case, you still need to ensure that the tree is pruned without affecting its stability. Otherwise, the entire tree may topple over in a storm, which is even worse than having some of its branches fall onto your roof.

There are additional considerations for pruning that you must adhere to. Otherwise, you risk damaging the tree. For example, you should never prune more than 25% of foliage during a growing season. You should never strip out the inner foliage and branches and leave the outer ones. Lastly, you shouldn’t leave branch stubs on your trees by cutting off the branch collar.

Stay Safe

The most important thing to remember with tree pruning in Edmonton is to keep yourself safe. If your tree is so tall that you must climb it or get on a ladder to prune it, you should hire an expert to do the job. If the tree is close to the power lines, you should also hire a professional. Otherwise, you risk serious injury or even death if you’re not careful.

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