Why the Best Recruitment Agencies should Focus on Passive Job Seekers

by Muskan C. Business Development Manager

Companies around the world including India wants their employees to be hardworking and determined. Companies nowadays are targeting more of passive job seekers, by hiring the best recruitment agencies. Further, these agencies get in direct contact with candidates and provide information to the employers.


Before going any further, let's talk a little about the term 'passive job seekers'. Passive job seeker was coined to describe the potential candidates who are content with their work and are currently not looking for a job. They are satisfied and successful in their work but are open to new opportunities with a positive attitude. On the global workforce around three-quarters reported themselves as passive candidates in a 2014 LinkedIn talent report. The report shows that passive job seekers are three times more than active candidates. 

The reason recruitment companies should focus on passive job seekers include:

  • Less energy and resources

Candidates research potential employers before they apply. Since they are already working in their field, there won’t be a need for a lengthy learning process while they get up to speed with how things work. It takes the load off of the onboarding team.

  • Skillset and positive experience

A candidate being already employed shows that they have earned their position with all the hard work they have done. This also shows their good qualifications and experience.

A passive candidate doesn’t have to inflate their skills


  • Strengthen brand image

Passive candidates are reached by the best recruitment agencies and those agencies play an active role in convincing the candidate, which ultimately helps strengthen the brand image of the employer. By doing this employers network increases

  • Less time wastage

Finding the best candidates is a very tedious task, which results in the consumption of time and loss of energy. Employers directly ask the recruitment agencies and ensure that their focus is business only. So that they can avoid wastage of time on the screening of applicants. 

  • Are there disadvantages?

It’s open to discussion whether there are disadvantages of hiring passive candidates. The motivation between an active candidate may differ from passive candidates, as active candidates would be more determined to be successful in their new job. 

  • The Conclusion

Reaching out to passive job seekers is still incredibly important for many organizations. It is not an easy thing to target passive candidates, as they aren’t looking for any recruitment. That is why many organizations hire some of the best recruitment agencies which easily do the work for them. 

While you are getting in touch which ambitious candidates, you need to work with some structured strategies. If you’re not that successful this recruiting agencies can be expensive.

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