Why social networks are an asset for your business

by Brahim A. APSense Adviser for Social Media!

Why social networks (APSense)

are an asset for your business

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube ...especially APSense today, 56% of Worldwide people use social networks. These media have become essential for more than 30 million people.

Unlike the French, businesses are generally more cautious about these new media. Only 36% of companies have a social presence. Many leaders are still wondering about the usefulness, relevance or way of integrating these tools into their business. 
One thing is certain: the strength, reach and versatility of these media are a real asset to your business. That's why we firmly believe in it!

Social networksat the service of your company

Social networks can serve a number of very complementary purposes: to publicize your company, your brand or your products, capitalize on your expertise, attract traffic to your site, deploy a new prospecting channel, retain your customers, publicize and promote events organized by your company and finally, use them to recruit new employees ...

Boost the visibilityof your company

Like many companies, you need social networks to make yourself known. You must take these places to talk about your business, put it forward and boost its reputation. You have a product promise, an expertise or a content to promote, social networks are the most adapted media and the least expensive to do so. 
They have the power to multiply access points to your business. This additional visibility will have a direct impact on the attendance of your site, on the visibility of your offer and your product pages and generally on your notoriety.

Attract trafficto your site

Your website is the hub of your Internet presence. The passage through the site is an essential step when a prospect is looking for a new supplier for example. There is a very high probability that he will visit your site first to discover your offer and get to know your company better. Social networks, coupled with attractive and quality content, boost traffic to your site and at the same time improve its SEO on search engines. You should know that Google now takes into account what you post on social networks.

Develop a newprospecting channel

Social networks are naturally adapted to business. They put in your hands, a new lever to prospect and fuel your business opportunities. Combined with an effective website, quality content and a truly relevant commercial offer, social networks show in a few months, their commercial power and their 
ability to generate leads or contacts. These media are real locomotives to attract, support and bring your targets into the sales cycle of your company.
On social networks, you can have a free or paid presence. Free, thanks to the publications (contents of the company, watch and curation) that you post on the various accounts that you animate and pay if you opt for advertising campaigns on the platforms most adapted to your activity or your objectives of prospecting. In B2B, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube for example, perfectly fulfill this role. Animated optimally, social networks can quickly become a significant source of leads, contacts or prospects ...

Animate thecustomerrelationshipand retain

Social networks promote contact. To keep the link and retain your customers, you have there, an additional relationship channel. With their reach, you can quickly convey information or a message, talk about your products in a didactic way, provide practical advice, join customer-led discussion groups, or invite these or other customers to join your own. LinkedIn discussion groups for example to interact, share and share information or best practices. If your customers are in turn, present on these media, you can also share their publications, like and comment on their content. Flexible, agile and responsive media, social networks are perfectly designed to open a new relationship channel between you and your customers.

Promoteyour events

Social networks have become essential to make known an event associated with the life of a company. If you happen to launch new products, organize or participate in fairs, to set up conferences or seminars for example, you can not ensure their promotion without the help of social networks. Now, few events are designed without the support and power of these new media.

Recruit yournext employees

30% of French people on social networks say they use this channel to look for a job. Now, they use them to submit their CV and promote their skills, their profile or their professional project. Thanks to social networks, companies have an alternative, flexible, modern, relevant and inexpensive recruitment channel. We are seeing more and more companies, going through this path, to publish their job offers, promote their values ​​in order to return a positive image to attract and recruit new talent.


Social networks are an undeniable asset for your business. Properly used, they can boost the visibility and reputation of your business, boost your site's traffic and improve its position in Google's index. They are able to irrigate your prospection, to retain your customers, to support the promotion of your events and finally to help you recruit your next employees ....

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