Why Should Stop Smoking and Start Vaping?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Often it has been seen that people are trying to quit smoking but are not getting successful. In recent times vaping has come up as one of the great alternatives of the smoking. Few people used to start using cartridge pods like STIG e cig and others so they can get the feel of cigarette but not the harmful effects of it.

Several smokers used to change their habit of smoking due to different reasons. The current article pointed out some of the reasons.

The awful smell of smoke

Smoking is associated with an awful smell. When the cigarette used to burn along with the paper, it generates a bad smell. Non-smokers often get pissed off by smelling that. Even often the smoker feels embarrassed due to this.

However, in the case of vaping, one can avoid this issue. Vaping provides you with several options. You can choose the flavor of your choice while selecting the vape juice or pod device.

Smoking increase face aging

It has been seen in case of the regular smokers, that their faces look more aged. It happens due to the habit of regular smoking. You can point out the deep wrinkles and skin problems in smokers.

The American Academy of Dermatology has confirmed that due to the chemical and biological changes in the body due to smoking, the aging process goes faster. Due to smoking, the living cell of the face gets less amount of oxygen.


Smoking is the cause of several diseases. People who used to smoke, often they complain about the dry cough. Lungs problem is not at all a new thing to the smokers. Several reaches proved that smoking is one of the primary reasons for lung cancer.

Apart from the lungs problem, several other issues are there too. Often people complain of stomach pain, headache, which primarily happens due to over smoking. However, when it comes to vaping with a mod or any STIG e cig, you can easily avoid such issues.

Decreasing physical ability

Have you heard of a sprinter who used to smoke? You will never as smoking affect your lungs capacity. Lungs capacity is important for any physical activity. However, due to smoking for a long time, your capacity will get diminish more than you expect.

Passive Smoking

When you are smoking, it is not only you who is being harmed. The other people who used to stay nearby get affected too. Researches showed that passive smoking is as much as harmful as smoking itself.

On the contrary, if you will use the STIG e cig, you can avoid such adverse effect of the smoking.


To conclude, it can be said that vaping is a better option and alternative to quit smoking. One must surely try it.

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