Why SD Memory Card becomes Inaccessible and 7 Solutions

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In need of external storage space, portability, durability and small size, everyone looks for a good SD memory card. The versatile storage device is compatible with mobiles, digital cameras, laptops and more which offers good storage space. 

Regrettably, as a storage device, SD memory cards also get corrupted or damage that causes inaccessibility. SD card inaccessibility could be a cause of multiple factors that lead to data corruption or file corruption. 

Here are seven considerable SD memory card inaccessibility causes and solutions that we have summed up for you. 

Why do SD memory cards become inaccessible?

When a failed hard drive renders your data inaccessible, certain physical and logical issues are behind it. Likewise, with SD cards, numerous causes result in inaccessible Sd cards. 

1. Corrupted file system

Every storage device has its file system. Once the file system of an SD card gets corrupted, it will not support the file, and the SD card will be inaccessible. 

2. Virus or malware attack

If your SD card has come in contact with any malicious virus, the card will be inaccessible.

3. Power failure

Another major reason that results in SD cards being inaccessible could be an unstable power supply. 

When you need to work on the SD card, it will require a stable and consistent power supply.

Any disturbance due to a power outage or failure will give SD memory card inaccessibility. 

4. Failed card slot

When you insert an SD card in any device with a failed or corrupted card slot, it would not let you access the memory card and block its functions. 

5. Wrong formatting

If you ever fail to format your SD memory card correctly, it will also result in the Sd card inaccessibility. 

6. Extreme conditions

External factors can affect hard disk drives, but SD cards can become inaccessible when suffering extreme conditions. Factors like extreme heat, moisture or dust can reduce its performance significantly. 

Solutions for inaccessible SD card

1. File system repair

You will need to repair the file with a reliable SD card recovery tool or software for logical issues like file system corruption. 

2. Antivirus scan

Install or update a reliable antivirus to get rid of any virus blocking you from accessing the SD memory card. Scan your device to detect and kill the virus. 

3. Uninterrupted power supply

When you cannot access your data from an SD card, you need to get an uninterrupted power supply or UPS to avoid power surges. 

4. Use another card slot

If the card slot rejects the memory card and blocks you from accessing it, you will need to insert the card via another card slot. 

5. Use compatible device

Different devices have different compatibility for SD cards. So make sure you insert your SD card into a compatible device to access it. 


Be it any SD card inaccessibility cause, be cautious when you use it. Improperly using the SD card can also cause physical damage leading to inaccessibility. You should always be prepared with backup to provide you with fast Sd card data recovery anytime your card becomes inaccessible.

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