Why Sandalwood Perfumes Are So Popular In India?

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant

Whenever we think about sandalwood, the aroma of incense sticks comes to our minds. We all have experienced this aroma in the temples. Smelling deep into the warm and pleasant fragrance feeling deeply connected to the gods. Rubbing the sandalwood stick on a stone with some water and using the paste as a tilak. Fragrance and the cooling touch are the qualities associated with sandalwood. Every household in India has something with sandalwood in it. It can be a popular soap brand or talcum powder. But mostly, it is found in perfumes.

How Is Perfume Made From Sandalwood Trees?

The extraction of perfume essence from the sandalwood tree is not as easy as it may seem. A tree should be at least 25 to 30 years old before it is ready to make an essence. It is then cut down to pieces and reduced to chips. Previously, sandalwood trees were cut, and uprooted portions were left in the jungle. However, due to the scarcity of wood, it is now used from roots to the branches.

Nothing is left. The chips are ground to fine powder and steam distilled for making essence. Steam distillation is a classic process used for producing luxurious essence. This is the same process used for making flower essence, and other aromatic wood essences. The sandalwood essence is quite precious and expensive, also known as liquid gold. It is auctioned to dealers and obtained by perfumeries. This essence is further processed and diluted to make sandalwood perfume.

The price of the essence can also depend on the age of the tree as well. The older the tree, the better will be the essence and the higher is the price. Many perfume houses prefer to get essence only from a tree that is older than 40 years. The essence is quite luxurious and deep.

Which Are The Popular Sandal Scents In India?

Many popular brands offer sandalwood perfumes. Some use them in the base of the fragrance, some as a top note, and others make sandal scents. If you are also looking for something with a soothing sandalwood aroma, here are some options,

Baug Sons Creation Gold Edition EDP for women: This is a beautiful warm Eau de parfum for women. The classic deep and rich warm aroma is ideal for the evenings and nights. Sandalwood at the base works to create a sensuous feel. There is rosewood, cardamom, vanilla, and Sichuan pepper for a refreshing touch.

Mural de Ruitz Energetic perfume for men: If you need something earthy and fruity to smell great, this EDT for men is perfect for you. Sandalwood aroma with cedar and patchouli creates a soothing earthy touch. The aroma of orange blossom, white tobacco, lemon, and bergamot adds a boost of freshness.

Chris Adams Let’s Imagine EDP for men: If you need something sensual for romantic evenings, this is the one for you. Enjoy the intense aroma of sandalwood merged with patchouli, White musk, Vanilla, and lavender. You can wear this perfume for evenings and nights as well as winter daytime.

Where Can I Get Authentic Sandalwood Perfumes In India?

It is quite easy to enjoy the warm velvety aroma of sandal scents in India. With perfume stores like Perfume Booth, you can now buy world class fragrances. Some of the classic perfumes that have sandalwood at the base are available with Baug Sons. You can also get it from Lomani, MPF, Mural de Ruitz, Perfumer’s Club, and Otoori. Sandalwood is a pretty common base in perfumes. Stores like Perfume Booth provide a complete list of notes sold on their site. You can go through this list and choose the one having sandal.

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