Why Preclinical Research Becomes Essential To Launch Drug For Human Use?

by Pooja Late so cut

In the drug development industry, preclinical research is the most important process to launch the drug for human use. Few evident sources will use in the process of drug development to prepare standard drugs with safety qualities. The process of clinical trials and preclinical research is different from one another to indicate the potentials of the drug.

In preclinical development, the drugs will prepare under regulatory authorities. Preclinical trials and methods will differ according to drug development purposes. Scroll this parchment to know more about preclinical trials and clinical trials.

Does preclinical development is applicable to humans?

Generally, after the drug development, it will use on animals in different stages. In the clinical trial, the drug after testing from animals, it can use on humans to find the first safest dose for a human. In this process, researchers will use the drug according to the safety profile instead of using an approximate level of dosages.

Additionally, researchers in the preclinical development will use new medical devices, gene therapy solutions, and drugs, diagnose tools. In simple words, stages of the preclinical development are necessary to report to get approval to launch the drug in the market for human use.

Pieces of evidence collected during drug development

The process of drug development will inspect by the professionals in the medical association to approve that. In the process of drug development, three major reports will generate to showcase the potential of the drug and its effects while using it. The three types of reports in the drug development process are listed below.

ü  Drug approval documents from all major drug agencies

ü  Literature evidence by surveying the drug

ü  Empirical/Experimental, public and internal data

Phases in Preclinical studies

The preclinical study is a process of checking the efficacy, pharmacokinetic, preliminary efficacy, and safety information against drug development. In the preclinical and clinical tests, the drug has to overcome at least 10 phases to get approval for the drug to supply in the market. By referring what the drug can do for the living being and what can man do for the drug to know its potential. In the preclinical development, results from drug testing stages will profile under the assessment or report for the further drug development process.

Types of tests in preclinical research

When it comes to preclinical tests, good laboratory practices are the important thing to precede the tests safely and properly using medical documents. The preclinical research will divide into types that are listed below with essential information about it

v  Pharmacodynamics – assessment process to know what the drug can do to the used species body

v  Pharmacokinetics – assessment process to check what the body does to the drug


v  Toxicology testing

Every drug will not use on same species to test its potential, for each drug testing different species will use. The professionals included in the preclinical research will collect the studies which are vital to showcase how the drug is safe to use on human. Even some tricks and methods handle by doctors to predict health issues is also termed as preclinical trials.


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