Why must hospitals install Automatic OT Doors?

by Hospital Product Directory CEO

Automatic doors are an outstanding way to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of any healthcare facility. Whether you are looking to recover the involvement of patients. For personnel or guests, automatic OT doors supplied by OT Door Suppliers are a handy answer that can be custom-made to the precise requirements of each setting. Here are 6 of the chief reasons why healthcare and OT automatic doors are such an imperative addition:


User-friendliness will always be a prime matter for any type of healthcare setting. Wheelchairs are shared throughout any hospital, clinic, or care facility, and automatic doors permit these patients to have greater freedom and mobility. Moreover, many healthcare facilities will move patients on trolley and stretchers, which can be problematic to maneuver through normal doors. Automatic OT doors make it much calmer for staff to get patients in and out of a structure. Helping them to obtain the care they need more rapidly and effortlessly. This can be predominantly vital in parts like Operation theatres, Intensive care units, and ERs.

Contagion Control

In the challenge of the COVID-19 epidemic, infection and infectivity control have become top urgencies for healthcare amenities around the world. Hospital automatic doors can help to decrease the spread of infectivity by minimizing interaction points and eradicating the need for door handles. Studies have shown that the novel coronavirus can subsist on surfaces for anything from a few hours to a few days, contingent on ecological conditions.

We now know that door handles harbor large numbers of microorganisms. The more people who handle them, the better the risk of contamination. And in healthcare locations such as a hospital. It’s not just COVID-19 that may pose a danger to patients – other damaging and highly resilient bacteria such as MRSA can spread this way too. By having automatic OT doors in place. Healthcare amenities can meaningfully decrease their chances of scattering damaging pathogens from patient to patient and help to keep everyone harmless.

Shelter and Safety

In addition to helping stop the spread of communicable illnesses. Hospital automatic doors also play a significant role in safeguarding patient security. These doors provide refuge against the admission of unsanctioned personnel and can also help to stop patients from traveling out of a facility if they become disordered or confused. In the occurrence of a blaze or other crisis, Hospital automatic doors can help to ease a quick outflow route, permitting patients and staff to get out of a building rapidly and securely. 

Discretion and self-esteem

For many patients, mainly the elderly or susceptible ones, preserving discretion and self-respect is a key consideration. Healthcare settings are integrally open and busy places, but hospital automatic OT doors bought from the OT Door Suppliers can help to decrease the number of people who have admission to a specific area and give staff additional control over who can come in. This additional level of privacy can be crucial in safeguarding that patients feel sheltered, comfortable, and able to make an effort on their retrieval without any unwarranted stress.


Automatic doors can also bid several hands-on paybacks to healthcare staff, by making their daily practices easier and more well-organized. They make it faster and easier for staff to move between diverse areas of a facility and can also aid to reduce din levels by removing the need for doors to be continually opened and closed. In a full healthcare setting, every little time saving can make a big alteration, and hospital automatic OT doors offer a suitable solution that helps to modernize daily operations.

Traffic Control

In any eventful healthcare facility, traffic control is a major deliberation. Automatic OT doors supplied by OT Door Suppliers can help to oversee the movement of people in and out of an area, stopping blockages and congestion in waiting rooms or other parts. They can also make it calmer for patients to get to their schedules, by providing strong and unhindered access. This can aid to decrease waiting times and make the overall patient knowledge more well-organized and suitable.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have automatic OT doors because they are a humble, actual way to improve availability for all. They aid patients and their families to transfer around the building more effortlessly, which can lessen the pressure of being in a hospital. 

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