Why Modern Schools are Embracing Project-Based Learning?

by Samiksha S. Author

Project-based learning is not a new concept. Teaching by doing things has been practiced in India since the Vedic times. What has changed now is the projects that students are directed to undertake as skills of physical labour are no longer required in a technological world. Today, students are needed to grasp the true meaning of their subjects. They are expected to gather knowledge that is application-oriented rather than being purely theoretical. Fortunately, the 21st-century is looking at education beyond the perspectives of grades and degrees and this is why the top schools in Noida extension are increasingly embracing project-based learning. The benefits are real and students learn through curiosity, not by compulsion.

There is freedom in PBL

Teachers employing PBL do set the topics of projects, at times. But there are also instances when students are allowed to pick their own topics to work on. Here comes a sense of freedom in learning. Even when the students are to cover a specific set of topics mentioned in the syllabus, in their projects they can pick up any theme that is directly or indirectly related to their curriculum. Curiosity-driven PBL drives engagement. Students research and learn of their own volition. This directly leads to higher retention of the subject matter at hand and knowledge-depth is no longer an area of concern.

Theory meets the real world

One of the core motives of education is to make students capable of applying their theoretical or classroom knowledge to the real world. If they are learning arithmetic, they must learn to use bank passbooks. If they are reading about India’s history of freedom, they should fathom the importance of saving democracy. Only textbooks can take the essence of these topics to a certain limit. But as soon as students start working on projects centered around these, they learn the application of the matter they learned in class. Connecting theory with application then becomes a habit and students come out with better skills from schools.

Exposure to possible careers

The best schools in Greater Noida Extension also use project-based learning to expose their students to possible future careers. Aspiring engineers can work on robotics projects to understand the mechanisms at play while doctors can delve deeper into the human anatomy to comprehend organs and diseases. Real-world projects can help students gain a perspective on their careers that no adult can relay on verbally and make them the masters of their own decision. Modern schools accept that exposure to career choices from a young age is necessary and PBL is their secret tactic to provide the early experience.

Successful skill development

Working together as a group, helping each other out to come out as the collective winner, using the strengths of individual members to benefit the entire team and sharing the motive with one another – these are skills that are in high demand in all workplaces. And project-based learning develops these successfully among school students. Problem-solving and collaboration are parts of every project. Meeting deadlines and dealing with stress comes in the package as well. PBL effectively teaches soft skills to young students and it does it academically without deviating much from the given curriculum.

Scope for creativity and use of technology

The top 10 schools in Greater Noida West were always focused on passing creative students. While the scope was limited only to fine arts, project-based learning is allowing them to bring the essence of creativity directly into learning. And the best part of embracing PBL is the scope is teaching the use of technology to students without making matters mechanical. Coding can be taught by building actual applications while ideas can be brought to life by using 3D printers. PBL is providing modern schools the space to bring technology and creativity into education, which is so essential now, and enabling the institutions to do justice to modern education.

BGS Vijnatham is one of the few names in Greater Noida that has been using PBL ever since its inception. The school’s “Step and Learn” and “Activity-Based Learning” approaches are directed to encourage PBL in education that ensures higher engagement and retention. BGS has maintained the ambiance of deep learning in its classrooms and PBL has always complemented its teaching methods, irrespective of the grades of the students. Projects help children in their personal growth, allow content mastery and provide purpose to education and learning. Through PBL, BGS was transforming education and giving students the learning opportunity that they rightly deserve. Today, PBL is the way forward. Both personal and professional achievement is hinged on this.

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