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Lithium golf cart batteries have been overwhelming the world since 2018! Try not to trust us? EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha presently all offer their carts directly from the production line with Lithium Ion batteries. Indeed. And keeping in mind that these producers actually offer carts with traditional profound cycle Lead Acid batteries, we see that getting eliminated in the coming years. 

So why the move to lithium? What makes Lithium batteries such a ton better for use with golf carts than traditional overwhelmed lead-corrosive batteries that have been utilized for quite a long time? A battery is only a battery, isn't that so? WRONG! Lithium batteries are totally more astonishing inside and out when contrasted with lead-corrosive batteries. And keeping in mind that lithium golf cart batteries may cost somewhat more straightforward, they are absolutely awesome. 

We will clarify why in this short article, and before the finish of it you will instruct (and changing over) the entirety of your kindred golf cart pals to lithium batteries!

What makes Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries so great?

  1. Completely Charge in 2-3 hours (versus 8-10hrs for traditional Lead-Acid batteries) 

  2. They live more (3x - 5x longer) than traditional golf cart batteries 

  3. They are light! (lessen battery weight of your cart by 300lbs = more proficient cart) 

  4. Require No support (no adding water, cleaning corrosion, or checking corrosive levels) 

  5. Lithium-Ion batteries don't lose power as voltage plunges (they don't get 'drained' as they are utilized)

1. Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Charge Up Faster than Lead Acid 

Lithium Golf Cart batteries charge quicker than Lead-Acid batteries. (Overall) to re-energize back to full power. Lithium batteries can be re-energized up to 80% of max limit in only 60 minutes, and completely energized in just 3 hours. 

2. Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Last 3x – 5x Longer than Traditional Golf Cart Batteries 

Lithium batteries last more, in light of the fact that the lithium battery science builds the quantity of charge cycles the battery can deal with. The normal lithium ion golf cart battery can charge 3,000 to 5,000 cycles in its day to day existence versus the normal lead-corrosive battery charging only 1,000 all out cycles. 

3. Lithium Batteries Substantially Reduce the Weight of Your Golf Cart 

Lithium-ion batteries (72 lbs.) weigh only 1/4 the heaviness of traditional Lead-Acid batteries (325 lbs.). So when you convert your golf cart to lithium, your cart will lose 300 lbs. in weight. This significant weight reduction will make your cart quicker, more "fuel" (battery) proficient, and expands your ride tallness a piece (from ½ inch to 1 inch). For 6 and 8-traveler 72-Volt carts, the weight reduction is more than 400 lbs. (saving your business important charging time)! 

4. Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Require NO Maintenance (Zero) 

Batteries don't need any upkeep. No more loading up with water. No more corrosion. This is a HUGE selling point for the individuals who utilize their golf cart industrially (lodgings, show scenes, and so on) The change to lithium implies you presently don't need to keep up your golf cart batteries. Simply charge them, and go! 

Something else to note with respect to upkeep is what befalls your electric cart when you are not utilizing it? At the point when you don't utilize your traditional Lead-Acid golf cart batteries for 1-month, they will lose up to 33% of their charge (considerable)! Which means if your cart were to sit for only a couple months, it would not work when you went to utilize it once more. 

Lithium batteries then again will possibly lose 2-3% of their charge each month when not being utilized. Which means your cart could sit for a whole year and still have 75% of its battery left. 

5. Lithium Batteries Don't Lose Power as they Lose Charge 

Traditional Lead-Acid golf cart batteries "get drained" while you are utilizing them. As they heat up and lose charge during your drive, they likewise lose all out power (which means your cart goes more slow, and has less force the lower your battery charge level is). 

Lithium ion golf cart batteries work at full force right until they are completely released (very much like your PDA). This implies that regardless of whether your cart has 10% battery left, it will in any case have full force, speed and force right down to 0% charge.

Is Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion troublesome on my cart? 

NO. It is overly simple! Lithium batteries are in a real sense a drop-in trade for your old Lead-Acid Batteries. To introduce lithium golf cart batteries, simply eliminate your Lead-Acid batteries, supplant with your 12V lithium batteries, reattach your links, secure your holding sections and your introduce is finished. 

When utilizing Lithium batteries, you will require less absolute batteries to accomplish a similar measure of force with your cart… so you may have additional room under your seat after the introduce. On the off chance that this bugs your OCD side, you can arrange some modest battery spaces from us to occupy the additional room. 

Would it be advisable for me to do the change to Lithium on my golf cart? 

In the event that you as of now need to supplant your batteries, the short answer is: Yes, totally. 

Be that as it may, if your present batteries are turned out great, there is no dire need to switch. Yet, there are numerous advantages to doing the switch; so we would recommend you gauge the advantages of lithium illustrated above to choose if they merit supplanting your Lead-Acid batteries with.

Are Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Safe? 

Indeed. LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is one of the most secure battery science accessible. And the entirety of the brands that we carry on our site make batteries that have a battery the executives framework in every battery to recognize any issues with the presentation of the battery and shut down any cells not functioning as expected. This battery the executives framework will likewise shield the batteries from any over-charging or under charging of the batteries. 

Both FedEx and UPS have affirmed Allied, Trojan, RELiON and Samsung lithium golf cart batteries for both air and ground delivering. 

Summarizing everything 

We are enormous adherents to new innovation making golf carts better every single year. We continually keep our eyes on the expo circuit, the OEM makers, and the general market to see where things are going. And all signs highlight a major Lithium battery revolution in the golf cart space (and in light of current circumstances): 

It is not necessarily the case that lead-corrosive golf cart batteries don't function admirably, and haven't for quite a while. We actually stock and sell numerous Trojan Lead-Acid golf cart batteries on our site. We simply see these batteries being eliminated in the coming a very long time as battery innovation keeps on getting further developed every year, and as the significant vehicle producers keep on moving away from non-renewable energy sources (don't stress, gas carts aren't going anyplace as of this moment, and we LOVE our gas carts!)

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