Why Jaggery Powder Is The Better Option Over Sugar?

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst
We Indians always love to have a small dose of sweetness at least once a day. But this fondness for sweets leads to many fearful health issues. Due to the increasing health problems caused by our eating habits of sweets made up of sugar, doctors always advise us to avoid sweets completely or eat less sweet if possible. Despite being aware of diseases caused by the intake of sweets made up of sugar, we all want to consume sweets once in a while. So, if you feel to have some sweets, don’t curb your desire completely rather you can opt for a healthier option like Jaggery powder.

Jaggery powder is a natural and healthy sweetener derived from the sap of plants mainly sugarcane and some type of palm, jaggery powder has good sucrose content. It is generally available in golden brown in color and has a different taste unlike the sweet taste of sugar.

Once you are acquainted with the sweet taste of Jaggery powder, it will be hard to switch back to sugar or any other sweetener. Jaggery or Jaggery powder is not just only appreciated for its multiple amazing health benefits but also preferred for its ease of usage. You can easily add jaggery powder to your tea, coffee, varieties of sweets and enhance the sweetness and aroma in no time. These days many doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists recommend choosing jaggery powder as the substitute for sugar. So, what makes jaggery powder a healthier option over sugar? Let’s discuss-

Jaggery Powder Is Packed With Vitamins And Minerals:
Loaded with various minerals such as calcium, potassium, selenium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, etc., jaggery powder is highly beneficial for anemic people. But sugar contains has no vitamins and minerals. As compared to refined sugar no chemicals are used during the preparation of jaggery powder.

Jaggery Powder Is Assimilated Slowly in the Body:
Jaggery powder is absorbed slowly in the body whereas refined sugar is assimilated instantly in the body. Hence, consumption of jaggery powder does not lead to rising in blood sugar levels as quickly as refined sugar. The calories content of jaggery powder is less than refined sugar. Jaggery powder is a storehouse of carbohydrates, which the body requires to generate energy. Unlike refined sugar, a simple form of carbohydrate that breaks down easily and quickly to produce instant energy, jaggery powder is a little more complex form of carbohydrate that does not break down easily. This slows down the energy release process and circulates it over a longer period of time. Thus, harm to the internal body parts due to an immediate rise in energy levels can be prevented.

Jaggery Powder Improves Your Immunity:
Loaded with antioxidants that help in building immunity, Jaggery powder keeps diseases at bay. On the other hand, sugar is the source of empty calories with zero nutritional value. Thus, when it comes to organic jaggery powder, undoubtedly it is a healthier option for sweetening dishes. You can rely on organic jaggery powder wholesalers and Jaggery powder suppliers in Maharashtra to purchase authentic jaggery powder.

Jaggery Powder Is Good For Lungs:
As per Ayurveda, Jaggery acts as an excellent remedy for curing breathing disorders. The anti-allergic properties of jaggery or jaggery powder reduce the toxins from the body. It is also beneficial for treating asthma, chest congestion, cough, cold by cleansing and throwing out the mucus from the passage. On the other hand, sugar has no health benefits at all.

Jaggery powder Can Help In Reducing Weight:
As jaggery powder has good potassium content, it can help maintain the electrolyte balance and prevent water retention. On the other hand, intake of sugar leads to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels which is the primary cause of weight gain.

Jaggery Powder Boosts Digestion:
By eliminating toxins from the body, jaggery powder enhances the digestion process. So including jaggery powder in your meal is considered to be beneficial for the digestive system. On the other hand, adding sugar to your meal means adding more and more calories to your diet.

Jaggery Powder Is A Natural Product Containing No Chemicals:
Refined Sugar generally goes through several refining processes including chemical and bleaching treatments. This makes it quite harmful for our body, whereas jaggery powder is a natural food and no chemical is used during its preparation.

These are the above reasons why jaggery powder is a healthier option over sugar. Jaggery powder allows you to indulge your sweet cravings without compromising your health.

Jaggery powder suppliers in Maharashtra play a crucial role in making the product available all over India. Additionally, 100% organic jaggery powder made available by organic jaggery powder wholesalers has the added extra benefit of being completely devoid of toxic, synthetic chemicals that are used at the time of cultivation and processing.

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