Why is Life Prediction Necessary for Our Lives – Kundli Analysis

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Life predictions are very necessary for our daily lives. Life prediction readings specifically explain all phases of your life chalked out chronologically in a systematic manner.

You can get an exact idea of how, where, and what you will be in the next five years from now.  It tells who will cross your life path and what role they must play in your life.  It shows who brings you memories to cherish and memories you prefer to forget.  The nature and future of loved ones, including yours, would be divulged in a blow-by-blow account in a series.  Of course, this is a result of extra minute calculations that become not a biography but a chronicle when dealt with by an expert astrologer. You will derive an answer to profound questions on various gifts of life that you come with and the situations that lead to happiness or sorrow, depending on the size of the sins and Punya carried over from past to present.  There are answers to your innermost thoughts and questions and pleas here.  An astrologer requires nothing more than your date of birth and time to reveal all this.

And ensure that the basic information is correct and reliable.  But you need to decide what kind of kundli analysis you need. Choose a separate natal chart analysis for various areas of life, including future career, Predicting future career, future job or business, marriage and children, love relationships, and health and general wellbeing.

What are the categories that get analyzed in the life readings?

Five categories get analyzed in the life readings. Career is a phase an individual arrives at after going through harrowing sacrifices.  The dreams and playfulness of an entire childhood are sacrificed at the altar of the future dreams and plans that we chalked out for ourselves.  So, all that we expect is a job that satisfies both finance and job fulfillment.  This is a major expectation, failing which we react in thousand different ways.  So, it is doubly important to go for astrological career counseling as we cannot rely fully on common sense and strategy alone.

The right time and decisions are the mantra we use to maneuver our next moves.  It may seem in our fantasy to achieve a high-flying job, but it may not be destined for us, as per our karma.  So, the two wheels of life, i.e., the karmic wheel and the wheel of our efforts, move-in perfect sync to lead us to our destined point.  An accurate Kundli prediction can make things easy here, and astrological guidance can lessen our suffering considerably.  Suppose you find that you cannot land that first assignment, there are obstacles even after getting a job, or you cannot get the expected pay.  It is all due to an invisible force that makes us decide according to our destiny.

Wrong placement of stars and planets in wrong astrological houses may bring on a series of disappointments in love, inability to find a soul match, break up after finding a soul partner, and sudden death of the partner.  Taking Astro counseling before you take these life-altering decisions would be only wise.

It may not entirely wipe your karma out of existence.  It can have ameliorating effects on your life.

Sometimes due to defective planets, you may be a chronic sufferer of some ailment, or you may catch an ailment without being aware of it.  At this important hour, you need Astro counselors to help sort the problem to a desirable extent.

You can know why you are here on planet earth this umpteenth time in a row through astrology.  The role that God you molded you for, how you can upgrade yourself spiritually, and the karmic burdens you have been carrying, your subconscious mind, malefic influences that are trying to deviate you from your destined path, your true friends, etc.

What are the types of life readings?

There are several types of life readings that are important. As per Sage Parashar, a full life reading can be extracted from the date of birth alone, whereas detailed life readings can be had by studying the divisional charts.  You can also go in for birth time rectification if you do not know about it.

There are five categories based on which you procure whole life readings.

1.  Shadvargas contains certain categories depending on which birth time can be rectified.  Lagna Chart (D-1), Hora Chart (D-2):-Decanter Chart (D-3):- Navamsa Chart (D-9):- Dwadasamsa Chart (D-12):- Trishamsa Chart (D-30):- 

2. Saptvarga Reading Saptvarga (D-7) is an additional service to the shadvarga. 

3.  Dasavarga Reading.  These are further divided into dashamamsha charts (D-10).  Shodashamsha chart D-16, and shashtiamsha chart D-60 chart.

4.  Shodasavarga Reading

Apart from the ten charts described above in the Dasavarga reading, six more charts can be included.

Chaturhamsha Chart (D-4, Vimsamsha Chart (D-20): - Chaturvimsamsha chart (D-24, Bhamsha chart (D-27), Khavedamsha chart (D-40), Akshvedamsha chart (D-45 ) 5. Shadvimshatihi Varga Reading, The Shadvimshasti charts reading, the ultimate charts reading, includes the reading of the Shodasvarga, and ten other finer charts can also be studied for a detailed analysis.  It contains the readings from Panchamsha chart (D-5), Shastaamsha Chart (D-6), Ashtamsha chart (D-8): Ekadasamsha chart (D-11), Astha Navamsha chart (D-72): - Nav- Navamsha (D-81): - Nav-Dwadashamsha chart (D-108, Dwadashamsha-dwadashamsha chart (D-144):- Nadi Amsha chart (D-150):-Ardha Nadi Amsha chart (D-300):-

You must get a full life reading that can authenticate your birth time.  Get your past life reading, and then get your D-1 chart analyzed comprehensively, correlating it with around D-300 Charts as explained above.

Astrology helps you understand your social life better and the people with whom you interact.  If it is not misused for one selfish intent, it does help enormously to sail through any difficult social situation by giving you an idea of what might come next.

Astrology plays with two factors, planets and personality.  It studies the relationship between these two factors intricately.  The birth charts provide reliable clues to your personality and predict forthcoming events in your life.  It can help you reach your inner self and realize what stuff you are made of.  No other divination system can match astrology while timing the major life events.  It unveils your true soul and who you are destined to be in the future.  Astrology and psychology are two sciences that are very similar and interdependent.  Psychology is defined as the study of the soul.  Astrology is also a study of souls through the language of planets.

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