Why is FUT Hair Transplant Considered The Best Method?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant
Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the harvesting of the hair follicles from the respective donor areas of your body which are then transplanted at the desired bald area. The donor area is carefully chosen by the surgeon based on the residing permanent hair roots which once transplanted stay for lifetime and do not undergo hair thinning. Anyone can choose to undergo hair transplant as this is an elective procedure but you need to consult a genuine doctor first in order to know the feasibility of the procedure.
In India, hair transplant in Jaipur has come a long way in terms of advancements and from the past few decades most of the people from all across the world choose to visit Jaipur not just to witness its beauty but also for hair transplant tourism. In the west, the cosmetic surgeries are very expensive and general population couldn’t afford it so as an alternative route people have started travelling to India for hair transplant tourism. People appreciate travelling to India as they receive the similar quality hair transplant at an affordable cost. Jaipur’s name has grown for the best hair transplant industry so even the Indians from all over the country are opting the best clinics in the pink city.
                 Hair Transplant in Jaipur
Medispa hair transplant clinic is the name usually reflects in the list of top hair transplant clinics across the country and is the people’s choice clinic for hair transplant. We strive for excellence and commit to serve each of our patients with the best facilities and an incredible hair transplant. Our team is the best and the biggest team for hair transplant across the country and has years of experience and expertise in this field. Dr Suneet Soni is among the top tiered hair transplant surgeons across the globe who qualifies all the criteria for being the best and world class surgeon. His genuine suggestions and decisions never fail to bring the best out of the present situation of the patient.
So if you are seeking someone best and genuine for your hair transplant, Dr Suneet Soni is the one you should go for.
It is a debatable topic that which hair transplant technique is best where in every clinic has a varying school of thought. Let’s know the techniques and reason why to favor a technique over another.
Techniques of hair transplant

Hair transplant can be performed using 2 primary techniques termed as FUT and FUE hair transplant.

FUT hair transplant technique is performed by taking out a strip of skin from the donor area and is further divided by the technicians into individual hair graft under the high magnification. The donor area is closed by using an advanced technique termed trichophytic closure which leaves almost invisible scarring. The hair grafts are transplanted at the desired bald area.
FUE hair transplant is performed by extracting each hair follicle one by one using a punch device under the high magnification. The hair follicles become fragile in the process of pulling so these hair follicles are transplanted as soon as possible at the recipient site.
Why FUT is considered the best method? Is it true?
These days advertisements and endorsements led to much confusion and people stay confused which technique is better. Ideally, we can’t say that a particular technique is better over another as these techniques have their indications based on which they are chosen.

FUT hair transplant technique is indicated in cases where higher count of hair follicles are needed as a surgeon could harvest 3000 – 3500 hair grafts using the technique in single session with minimum damage to hair follicles as the technique is performed under better visibility.

On the contrary, FUE hair transplant is better indicated in facial hair transplant cases or in early hair loss cases where lesser count of hair follicles are required as the technique could extract around 2000 – 2500 hair grafts in a single session. This technique offer higher damage rate so is not indicated in cases where there is inadequate donor hair density.

With FUT hair transplant you can preserve the donor area for the future session as the hair grafts are harvested from a smaller area in contrast to the FUE technique. Visit us to know the best suitable technique for your hair loss.

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