Why is an electric bike better than a regular bike?

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Electric bikes are made up of lithium-ion batteries, lightweight aluminum fabrication, and high-tech bike components. It not only helps you exercise but also uses the battery to help you keep going and overcome difficulties when you are tired.

E-bikes are everywhere on the road because of their low price, low barriers to entry, and their ability to help ordinary people exercise more easily every day, so e-bikes are popular.

1. Electric bike pedal assist makes riding easier

full suspension e bike pedal assist mode can improve your riding experience. Pedal assist allows you to ride faster and easier than without pedal assist.

The pedal mode can be adjusted, and setting pedal assist to level 0 will not provide any assistance. If you want to ride easier, you can set pedal assist to level 1. If you want to really improve your riding experience, you can set pedal assist to level 4 or 5 and get the most help from the bike.


The e-bike also has a throttle mode that will make your daily riding easier and you won't feel as tired as you would with a conventional bike. You can prefer pedal assist when you're on uphill roads and trails. Throttle-only mode doesn't require you to pedal at all, just lets you ride the bike like a moped or motorcycle.


2. Electric bike batteries make riding easier

If you've ever run out of battery on 1000w electric bikes for a long time, you know how exhausting it can be to pedal home.

Here are some important tips to make sure your ride is as easy as possible.

First, make sure your e-bike's battery has enough charge before every trip. Being able to support you can go out, and you can go home.

Second, buy a long-range e-bike with a high-quality battery and efficient motor. The average e-bike can travel 60-80 miles per charge with pedal assist.

Third, don't use the throttle all the time, only when you need it, such as on hills or rough terrain.


3. Qiangyou Li's electric bike motor makes riding easier

Having a powerful motor to propel you forward when you pedal or hit the gas makes you happy while riding.

Nothing makes cycling easier than a good motor. Make sure your motor stays in good shape with these basic e-bike motor tips.


4. Fat tire e-bikes make riding easier

fat tire electric mountain bike can traverse sand, mud, snow, or loose gravel with ease.

Wide tires, deep tread, and natural absorption will limit shocks on the road and absorb bumps for you to make the ride as easy as possible.

The thick tires on a fat tire e-bike combine to give you the traction and grip you need to conquer difficult roads.


Electric bikes may actually improve your health, well-being, and finances more than conventional bikes. Pedal assist helps you pedal, step-by-step options reduce injury risk, and remote batteries get you where you need to go.

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