Why Indian households are opting for engineered hardwood flooring

by Saanvi Arora Wooden Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is a growing flooring segment due to its cost effectiveness and relative ease of installation. It is the economic version of natural hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is made from natural wood at its core. It is engineered and processed in such a way that it replicates the aesthetic looks of natural wood floor. It is produced by placing different layers of timber on top of each other. The number of layers vary in each flooring type. Multi Ply, Three Ply and HDF are the three types of engineered wood flooring. The first type, Multi Ply engineered wood is made by tightly bonding together layers of plywood to make the main body of the flooring plank. It is then completed with laying of real wood veneer on top. This makes the structure firm, strong and durable. As the name suggests Three Ply is made by fusing three layers. It costs cheaper but remains strong and durable. HDF engineered flooring plank consists of a high density fibreboard at the base of the structure. It is extremely resistant to moisture but significantly cheaper than the other two. It is also capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations and high traffic.


Engineered hardwood flooring in India is the preferred choice of homeowners who wish to give a wooden flooring look and feel to their homes. It suits their high-end choice and at the same time it also suits their pockets because engineered hardwood flooring is a man-made version of fully natural wooden flooring. Due to the mass scale of operations, it costs less. If you wish to reinstall your old flooring in the new house that you plan to move in then you can very much do that. Most engineered hardwood floors can be refinished through sanding process as they have a real hardwood layer on top. Your feet will experience similar feel of the floor even in the new house. Hard wax oil treatment can help in maintaining the attractive looks and long lasting stint. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the homeowners should sweep the floor with a soft indoor brush and wet-clean it with a mop dipped in warm water and properly squeezed, as and when required. Avoid excessive water exposure on the floor.