Why Homeowners in Lawrenceville, GA, Should Consider Tree Stump Grinding?

by Kevin Smith Author

Trees lend natural beauty to a yard and enhance a home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, trees sometimes die or need to be cut down because of disease or pests. Many homeowners in Lawrenceville, GA, decide to leave the stump in the ground because they do not want to pay the price to have it removed. There are several reasons why tree stump grinding is a better solution.

Removing Tree Stumps Makes It Easier to Enjoy the Yard

Tree stump grinding in Lawrenceville, GA, can increase the amount of usable lawn space available. A stump from a large tree can take up quite a bit of room, especially if the roots stretch far in several directions. In a small yard, every square foot is valuable real estate. Removing a stump can create more room for children to play or for the owners to plant a garden.

Homeowners take pride in their yards. They want the land surrounding their houses to be neat and well maintained. A tree stump sitting in the middle of a yard can detract from its appearance. Removing the stump makes it easier to appreciate the healthy trees, flowers, and bushes.

Tree Stump Grinding Can Prevent Accidents

A tree stump can be a safety hazard. Children who are running through the yard or people with limited mobility can trip and fall. Landing on top of a rough tree stump can cause severe cuts and other serious injuries. This danger can be eliminated with tree stump grinding.

A stump can get in the way when it is time to maintain the rest of the yard. It can be difficult to maneuver a lawnmower around a tree stump, and accidentally hitting it can cause significant damage to the mower. Having the stump removed can make lawn care easier.

Tree Stump Grinding Can Protect the Rest of the Yard

If a tree dies or is cut down and the stump is left behind, new trees can grow around it, causing damage to surrounding plants. The new trees will absorb water and nutrients that other plants need to grow.

A tree stump can harbor pests. Insects such as termites, ants, beetles, and wood borers consider a tree stump to be the perfect home. They can also move on to take up residence in the nearby house, causing significant structural damage and distress to the family living there.

Removing Tree Stumps Is the Right Choice

Tree stump grinding in Lawrenceville, GA, is a wise decision. It can remove unsightly tree stumps that detract from the appearance of the property and create more space to grow plants and enjoy the yard. Grinding a stump can also eliminate safety hazards and the risk of insect infestations. After a tree dies or is cut down, the best option is to remove the stump as well.

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