Why games are so addictive?

by Stephan Fleming Digital Marketing Expert

We often wonder why people love video games so much. What is it that causes people to sit in one place and play just while looking at a screen? Video games are designed to give you a sense of adventure and that is the way they tend to engage players.

Games are designed to elicit visual feedback on screens and are a big form of entertainment today. Games can be available on several platforms. Since 2010, the gaming industry’s commercial importance Emerging markets that play games on smartphones have been driving this growth. They are classified as casual, serious or educational and are available either for or even for free in some cases.

Video games are wildly popular. So much so that many look for coaching games such as Rocket League coaching to get better. Let us explore why they are loved so much and are so addictive.

·        Gamers are often attracted by the prospect of finding something new like an Easter egg in a game. An Easter egg is a joke or hidden message in a game that is left by developers. This isn’t a part of the main game, but the thrill of finding it can be high.

·        One of are becoming addictive is because they offer an escape from normal, boring lives. One could feel good in the shoes of an imaginary character and forget everything about the current situation in the world.

·        Games give us a sense of accomplishment and this is hard to compete with. It makes you feel good. It makes one feel important. You feel like you something right today.

·        Some games, like those that are violent, are often good to get the frustration and rage out. It can help us release anger in a supposedly healthy manner. Taking a virtual gun to eliminate enemies or defeating aliens can make one feel better.

·        They give you a thrill of playing, just like a normal game of , basketball. The rush of running and sweeping through is quite high in games. Every time you score you feel good, getting a sense of accomplishment. Even finding out ways to win, like how to rank up in Rocket League, can bring a sense of achievement.

 Video games are considered to be a form of art. There is a lot of effort that goes in the background to design and create games. Programmers spend a good amount of time writing code to make the games better and more challenging than the last one.

The video game craze is set to increase in the coming years. As gaming gets better – whether the game concepts or graphics or strategies, more and more people will turn to it. Games are designed to hold a person’s attention for long and challenge him. The games market is getting diversified and more people from different demographics are joining the fold to play. Video games are a part of the media subculture and have a significant influence. But video games aren’t all bad. Gamers have been known to have great visuomotor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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