Why Domain Authority is becoming an important factor in SEO

by Mian A. i am web developer with 7+ years experience

What is Domain Authority?

It is a search engines for websites that tells or predicts the likely hood of the rank it has on search engine result. This domain is develop by Moz, ranges from 1-100, and will compare the higher score ranking and its competence to rank. It calculates the number of links, linking other root domains comprising into one domain. DA are an important factor in SEO due to many ways as it plays a major role in development of any website.

useful SEO Tool: Moz Rank Checker


Unique data

SEO consist a part of DA, which enables it to give better and safe data. The previous search links were not that effective and trustworthy as this is now. However, the domain will measure the power of authority as it has number of factors that will grant Moz another SEO tool, to calculate domain authority of your website. For any new website to establish, it is significant for them to get aware of this tern in order to boost their ranking in search engines.

High ranking

In SEO, domain authority is the important feature when it comes to ranking in high competition with the respective web pages. As daily new websites are being launched and new competitors are arriving, daily it is highly recommended that the website makers should get in touch with the domain authority.

High SERP positions

SERP is a checker tools that keeps you updated with the search engine ranking and keeps a track of all the other websites domains as well. By keeping a track of other domains, you will also be able to track down your competitor’s actions and information regarding their websites. This way you can also plan ahead of them. The important the domain is to them and SERP would help you stay a hand forward to your competitors.

Engaging people in comments

This will help you increase and attract the number of people on your website. By making people stay, more on your website and engaging themselves into the website content would help boost the domain authority and bouncing rates. This can also be done by clicking on it and going through different comments and posts or reading articles, watching videos. The more they are involved in these activities, the more rankings you might get.

Attracting sponsored posts/ advertisers

Through sponsored posts, people might be more attracted towards it and they will be engaged in different activities regarding it. Many brands sponsor certain web pages and websites that enhances their productivity and their marketing strategies. So many people who are loyal to that brand would automatically be interested on the website and this would like to increase the rating scale of the domain.

Fast and efficient

The DA is easily established without any consequence being arising. It is much faster tool in tracking down the ranks than previous checker tools used to give. In this, you do not have to wait for a much longer time as everything is being evaluated on its own and calculations are done on its own. It keeps a strong track of every activity that is affecting the clicks on the websites and how many times it appears on the search engines. The results are generated efficiently.


Higher the links, the better

Domain authority also keep a strong check on the times a website link is being used on external websites. When you get links from a low authority website and you get links from a high authority website and the ones that are relevant in your niche, they are more useful. When this brings up your authority, it is easier for you to get high rankings and search results. Domain authority keeps a track record of every detail that is relevant to your website.


For every website to establish it is important for the website makers to develop an effective domain authority that will help them acquire the relevant information that they need in order to boost their website. Also, it will tell you your rank in the Google search engine that will benefit in the long run. This is why domain authority is in the first position of SEO tools that plays a major part in the whole system.

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