Why Does the Automobile Industry Rely on Sandblasting?

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When it comes to stripping paint, rust, and grease from the car, the methods applied are soda blasting, dustless sandblasting, and sandblasting.  Sandblasting scrapes the surface with delicate grains of sand getting propelled at high pressure. Soda blasting uses Sodium Bicarbonate (aka soda) to meet the same purpose. Dustless sandblasting uses the same process as that of sandblasting, but it adds water and uses a rust inhibitor. 

Which one is better for the steel body of a car: dustless sandblasting or sandblasting

Of the three processes described above, dustless sandblasting is ideal for cleaning cars with steel bodies. It is because the process reduces heat and friction. Heat may warp the surface during the stripping process. It is worthwhile to go sandblasting for machine parts that lower the temperature of the material by 10 degrees as the process gets performed. Normal sandblasting produces heat and friction, and the exterior might get warped. 

Some people add a cooler to the sand to help mitigate the risk. Baking soda isn't toxic to humans, and soda blasting is a way to go. 

Which process is ideal for removing rust, paint, and grease from the exterior of the car. Which process is the least expensive? 

Sandblasting is the most effective process for removing rust from automobile bodies. You can go for Heavy Plant Refinishing Auckland to remove paint. Soda blasting is not as effective as sandblasting for removing paint for dust, as soda is mild-medium. 

Dustless sandblasting uses an inhibitor that decontaminates steel. It leaves behind a chloride-free surface and makes it ready for a fresh coat. It applies a pressure setting of 70 PSI and keeps the equipment inclined at an angle of 20 degrees. The person should look into the conditions that affect the car's body and decide which way to go.

Sandblasting and Painting Services NZ applies sand if the car's body contains a portion of sand. If the body is rust-free and the person knows how to deal with the protective film, soda blasting is ideal. Although tech-savvy items are available, sand for children's sandbox gets commonly used for the process. 

Soda blasting uses an invaluable raw material, so it is the most expensive process out of three. One of the common questions that strikes your mind when your car meets an accident: how long should you wait before hiring Sandblasting And Painting Services NZ. The sooner the painting gets performed; the better is the outcome in a muggy atmosphere. 

It depends on the kind of blasting getting employed. If you prefer sandblasting for machine parts, you can paint as the surface of the car becomes clear. Flash rusting is likely to happen if you perform body rusting or painting of a car in a humid climate. Climate and geographical factors where the work gets done affect the humidity level. The same goes for indoor environments where moisture is present. 

One should clean the rust before performing body work or painting the exterior. For quotes on Sandblasting and Painting Services NZ, contact us today. 

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