Why Does The Automobile Industry Need to Hire Sandblasting And Painting Companies?

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Grit or sandblasting is an effective way to prepare surfaces before cleaning or painting them. Skilled workers like mechanics, craftsmen, and machinists follow these approaches. While the approach got termed as sandblasting, abrasive material used in the process does not limit to sand.

Depending on the surface that requires treatment; abrasive materials used in sandblasting are steel grit, corn cob, walnut, coconut shell, and dry ice. Although it is an expedient process, it comes with potential health risks. So, it is advisable to wear safety equipment during Heavy Plant Refinishing Auckland.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting involves the act of striking a material at high speed under pressurized air. It is blasting a surface with abrasive materials to smooth or scrape the surface subjected to sandblasting.  It relies on the type of material you opt for. Factors that you consider when choosing media for sandblasting are as follows. 

ü  Grit size range

ü  Speed

ü  Safety

ü  Hardness 

In some applications of sandblasting, you’ll find that it's used to etch the surface. You will need a media that ranks high on the hardness scale to accomplish the objectives.

It could be something like Silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. Use something with moderate thickness like a steel shot for smoothing the surface. Here is a list of sandblasting media and their hardness quotient. 

One of the common tools used in blasting is sand. Sandblasting And Painting Auckland NZ use sand as it contains a significant amount of silica. It leads to the next point. One of the things to consider when choosing sandblasting media is safety. One of the most-liked sandblasting media is glass beads, but it has a hardness ratio of 5 to 6 Moths. It is not the ideal material for more intense applications of etching.

What are the usual demands of sandblasting?

By now, you have a brief idea about Sandblasting and Painting Services NZ. Let's look at some of the applications of sandblasting. Before starting the process, you need to determine the type of media you want to use.

As mentioned before, there are different types of media used in sandblasting.

Materials like sand, concrete, and metal find application in sandblasting for optimal performance. Additionally, a sandblasting cabinet secures the abrasive material and ensures that it doesn't get scattered. You'll find others doing the process themselves. But, it is advisable to hire professional Sandblasting and Painting Services NZ

Professionals may use an air compressor to facilitate the cleaning process. One of the industrial applications of sandblasting is to strip off paint and corrosion. It is not surprising that it's tough to get rid of corrosive marks using traditional cleaning methods. Hire reliable to get rid of stubborn paint, rust, and contaminants from cars, machines, houses, and other surfaces. When it comes to automobiles, Sandblasting and Painting Auckland NZ are too rough to remove mild paint without affecting the underlying metal surface.

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