Why Does Every Construction Site Need a Trash Chute?

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst

You will know how often waste is produced every day if you have a construction company. Carrying waste by hand, especially in high-rise construction, takes time and is dangerous. A trash chute allows the disposal of waste even more quickly.

Chutes are wide, plastic tubes used to transport the trash to a central location. The chute column runs parallel alongside the building. The hopper chutes are column openings created to allow workers to easily dump trash from any floor, roof, window or balcony.

Reasons to Install:

● Convenience -
When there is a construction chute, workers do not have to remove trash bags from every floor. You can deposit the trash and debris directly into each chute opening. This greatly simplifies construction and renovation cleanup. 

● No Physical Contact -
Workers will not be in immediate, physical contact with potentially harmful trash and debris as it is funneled down the chute column. Ultimately, this preserves the health of workers and site hygiene. 

● Improved Sanitation -
You want to stop the trash piling up in halls, stairs, or other heavily trafficked construction areas. Accumulated trash and debris can quickly risk workers health because it can attract pests and rodents carrying dangerous diseases. It also can breed harmful bacteria such as mold and fungus. The chute column will remove these problems by funneling trash directly into a garbage receptacle and keep the sites clean and orderly. 

To help with odor, manual or automatic hygiene solutions may be used to sanitize the trash chutes. Disinfectant can be used to keep the chutes clean and in working order for multiple uses.  

Benefits on Offer:

● Safety -
Security is one of the main benefits of using a trash chute. Without a trash chute, employees will need to manually carry it or cart it out. Manual removal significantly increases the chance of worker injury. Worker compensation claims show that workers lifting heavy loads or incorrectly transporting debris can take a heavy toll on backs and ligaments. You may also save money on employee lawsuits or fines from buildings and health departments using a construction chute column.

● Efficiency -
If the worker doesn't have a chute, he will have to remove the waste from the window or secure it until the elevators are filled. This move would increase both effort and time to throw the waste away. If a trash chute column is present, the staff can send the trash down to the garbage dumpster and dump it quickly and effortlessly. 

Ways to Maintain:

● Secure it on each level -
It can extend from the roof, window or balcony with anchors to the ground when you implement a construction chute column on your jobsite. Use hoppers to create openings in the chute column and secure the column with steel chains for support. Make sure it doesn't bend or collapse as your chute column tapers to the bottom into your garbage dumpster.

● Clear blockages -
Maybe there's something lying or trapped in the trash chute every now and then. Clear it quickly whenever this occurs. Other trash may build up on top if you do not try and remove it, and the obstruction could get worse. It would produce much weight halfway up the chute, which could affect the efficiency of your chute column.

● Lower End in the Trash Dumpster -
At least one waste dumpster for demolition and construction jobs will be placed onsite. We recommend placing the bottom of your chute column directly into the trash dumpster for easy debris removal and cleanup. Be sure to keep the tapered end of the column just above the dumpster so you can easily remove loads and prevent kinks in the chute column.


● Materials


Although high-quality plastic (polyethylene - PE) is used for most types of chutes, aluminum is also used to manufacture some chutes to make them lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It is good to know that most chutes are cast, forged, and formed from compacting aluminum powder or alloys. They can also be resistant to the UV rays to withstand degradation regardless of exposure to harsh elements, abrasions, or cracking. There are also steel chutes.


Final Words:
Every building site should include a trash chute column system. Jobsites will benefit by having them placed around their sites for quick and easy clean up along with the numerous other benefits outlined.

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