Why do you need To Plan Wordpress Database Management?

by Silvia W. blogger

If you are running a site by Wordpress, then do not be fooled that you can do all of the things by yourself as it seems initially, when you get into the site making process. Wordpress surely is the best content management system that does not demand any technical know-how from the users and helps in seamless website making with total content management and details functions management through its wide array of plugins. But there is more to it. Making a website is just the beginning of the story.

The real story begins when your site accumulates data. When you have to store data, use data, retrieve and work with data, and do a lot of things with data, then you start realizing how much you need a good database management system, software, and technical assistance. And that is why the use of big data and related database management systems are so popular these days. Confused about how you are going to get so much of data from a simple website? Well, read on to grab the concept.

How data gets accumulated when you have a Wordpress website?

Here are some of the common routes through which you get loads of data to handle and store:

·         There are website usage metrics. This includes traffic, logins, user visits on different pages, user reactions to sales funnel, etc. 

·         There is a contact form on a website. When users use the form to contact such data gets accumulated.

·         There are subscription lists, inquiry forms and request quote forms on a website. When they are filled and submitted then, data comes.

·         Leads get generated for the website through various such sources, which makes a list of email and contact name and numbers, and related detailed information. These contribute to more data.

·         When you do SEO for the website, more data get generated. On page and off the page, both types of SEO preparation, strategy making, link building, other marketing steps, keywords used, and many such things generate more data. Everything must be noted and recorded in marketing with day to day reports and all these contribute to the huge amount of data. SEO is a continuous process, which never stops, makes for loads of data which increases every day.

·         Marketing for the site, PPC, advertising and all these things add to a load of data.

·         Social marketing for the website increases public interaction, reputation management, branding, query solving, grievance redressal and much more. These make for more data associated with the website.

·         If it's an the e-commerce website, then the products, information, queries for products, ratings, reviews, feedback, and all such things make for more data.

·         Wordpress sites run on plugins. Plugins are the lifeline of a Wordpress site, and people make a website on Wordpress simply because people love the power of plugins. Every plugin generates tons of data daily. Reports, data, and any such information from plugins get accumulated.

·         Analytical data is a huge thing. How the site is running, the downtime, uptime, lag, traffic, SEO and marketing performance, public reactions, more keyword research, and much more adds to analytical data. And this is critical data always.

·         Use of other data which helps in understanding the marketing and SEO strategy of rivals also makes for some data.

·         The study of Google AI and related data for decoding the best marketing strategy for the site demands the collection of data through AI. This makes for more data.

·         Above all the site has its own database of contents and page elements, ads running on it and so much. This makes for another bunch of data which gets updated when fresh content gets added to the site.

With this incredible amount of data piling up for the site, do you think you will be able to do without a database management system and technical support regarding the data backup, storage, management, processing and all? Well, you must hire some database admin to take care, or else so much of data will go unused, unorganized, scattered, and will get lost too. An enormous amount of data can be stored with little effort if you get the support of a good database management admin.

Database management for Wordpress

Wordpress site related data management is possible. There are administrative services, who take care of the huge data coming through Wordpress. The database used for Wordpress is MySQL. And the programmer and database experts know how to use the database management platform for managing this enormous amount of data. You need not freak out at the idea of hiring a database admin. It's not going to be too expensive to rob you of all your funds. You would just need to spend a reasonable amount that would continue to give you return in the future. And you can get a remote database administration team to work for your Wordpress site.

This will resolve all your problems, and you can stay happy and contended, that now none of the data coming for and through your site is going unmanaged and lost. Rather every single bit of data would get stored in a robust database management system, and you can always utilize that data which would then be available in an easy to use organized form.

Database management support and services are available in the form of remote teams who work 24/7 on a project by staying around the project all the time, attending all the time, and managing problems throughout. Services like would help you get exactly such services, and you can be settled with your huge amount of exponentially ever-increasing volume of data, well managed by the experts.


Database management can be fun if you are led by the experts. You can make out so much out of your database management systems. And remote services make things even more interesting, hassle free and fast. It’s just like another online service you can opt for, and you need not to have a business or office for this. You can hire the services and get your WordPress database managed easily.

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