Why Do the Best CBSE Schools in Kolkata Arrange Field Trips for Students?

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Have you explored the source of inspiration that has shaped a famous scientist/ artist of today? Mostly, people are inspired by living examples. The life of a child changes forever by the role model they choose. Even a life experience can inspire a child to choose a path and reach the destination. School field trips can be such rewarding experiences.


In this article, we will discuss why some of the best CBSE schools in Kolkata organise field trips for students.


Benefits of field trips in schools


  1. Myriad of experiences: Students can learn better if they relate their learning with real world things/ events/ experiences. Field trips are avenues for varieties of events that enrich life experiences of students.

Schools in Kolkata arrange trips at planetariums, science museums, etc. Teachers distribute students in groups and assign them tasks. Students learn about how to solve problems, teamwork, etc.  

  1. Expanded access: Schools cannot offer all kinds of tools to students. Some experiences are themselves tools to solve real life problems. Many students complain about not having genuine love for subjects like History.

Schools in Kolkata have the privilege of arranging field trips to the famous Indian Museum. Students can relate to what they read in History books and what they see in the Museum.

One might not be aware of the fact that the field trip to the Indian Museum may inspire a student to become a civil engineer, in future. The student might have been inspired by the civil engineering techniques implemented by ancient Indians.      

  1. Real world learning: Unlike the popular concept that field trips can only be arranged at some exquisite place, like, some zoological or botanical garden, etc., commonplace neighbourhood areas can also be a breeding ground for inspiration.

This concept is popular in the western countries where even local markets can be venues for field trips. Inspiration can imbue people at any place.

  1. Enriched emotions: Compartmentalisation of subjects never do any good. It gives a restricted view of a particular aspect of life. Field trips are avenues for exchange of ideas.

For example, a field trip to the Academy of Fine Arts would introduce students to the features of particular genres of art.

Art imitates life. As such, it is more likely that a field trip to an art exhibition would enhance awareness about socio-political evils. Some youngsters may really be inspired to eradicate the evils.

According to a study conducted by the University of Arkansas, students who attend field trips to art museums, usually show better tolerance capacity, power of critical thinking, and enhanced empathy.   

  1. Academic achievement: Recent studies establish the fact that field trips help raise academic scores. Field trips make learning more memorable. Whatever one learns, lasts in brain, forever.

Though many schools nowadays have modern classrooms with digital devices to impart education, field trips expand the options of the means of imparting knowledge. Field trips make learning more holistic.  


Benefits of field trips are gradually getting a universal recognition. Best schools in Kolkata are arranging field trips to expand students’ experience. Modern pedagogy is silently entering into the mainstream education.

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