Why Consider Taking Herbal Sleeping Tablets To Help You Get To Sleep And Stay Asleep!

by Kevin Bancroft Author

If you’re struggling with sleep problems, you are not alone. It is believed that Britons are one of the most sleep-deprived nations with as many as a third of us not getting enough sleep. This is most likely to have increased as a result of everything that has gone on over the last couple of years.

It is no surprise that many of us have taken sleeping tablets in the UK to help - either prescription tablets or an over the counter sleep aid to help relieve the problem. But is this a bad thing? In this post, we will explain a bit more about herbal sleeping tablets so that you can rest easy after taking one. 

All of us will have a slightly different root cause to our sleep problems that manifests in different ways: either we have trouble falling asleep, we wake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep or our sleep is endlessly broken. If this is you, then it is no surprise you are considering taking or already taking sleep aid tablets. 

I know for many, the prospect of taking a sleeping pill can be quite daunting - aren’t they incredibly potent and made from synthetic ingredients that will just knock me out, leave me feeling groggy and be doing even more harm to my body? 

Well yes, this is true of many prescription sleeping pills where side effects  include daytime drowsiness, mental lethargy, weakness, changes in appetite, dizziness or lightheadedness, gastrointestinal problems, allergic reactions, and even tachycardia. Moreover, the more you take them, the more dependent you become on them, meaning you need a higher dosage to administer the same effects. This ends up putting you in a perpetual cycle that creates a dependency on a sleeping pill which might get you to dosages that are far from healthy. 

This is why prescription sleeping pills should only be taken with the view and understanding that it is just for a short-time to get over a significant bump at that moment in your life. They should not be relied upon, nightly over a longer term period. 

The good news for the sleepless amongst us, there are now healthier alternatives in the form of natural sleeping tablets. This combined with a healthy nightly sleep routine will help you get to sleep and stay asleep just as effectively as a prescription sleeping pill would. Numerous studies have shown that natural sleep aid tablets work just as well and help with the three stages that people most struggle with – falling asleep, staying asleep & quality rest and getting up feeling rested and awake the next day. This last point is the most prevalent and this is because natural or herbal sleeping tablets are made with natural ingredients that work with your body, supporting and enhancing it’s natural processes rather than numbing or suppressing what it is trying to do. 

The most effective herbal sleeping tablets are those that use a blend of natural ingredients and plant extracts each selected for a different aspect of sleep they help with. Keep an eye out for ones that contain natural sources of GABA and melatonin to help regulate and deepen your sleep.

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