Why Choose Non Surgical hair Replacement Method?

by Deepak Bhardwaj Digital Marketing Expert

With time medical treatment has become more advanced, providing a various solution to all hair related issue. People who are suffering from the medical condition known as alopecia, experience excessive loss of hairs. Too many people non surgical hair replacement in Delhi are limited to wearing wigs only. This is not only out of date but also not true. Non-surgical treatment now offers the most appropriate solution for men and women suffering from male or female pattern baldness which cause thinning of hairs and bald spots. 

The 21st century has bough effective way to regain your hair density due to various reasons that caused hair fall such as stress, hormonal imbalance, hereditary hair loss, etc. With non-surgical hair replacement method, you can easily replace itchy hair wigs and badly fitted hair pieces. 

What is non-surgical hair replacement?

For people who want to regain their hair density and lustre, but don’t want surgery, opt for the non-surgical method of replacing hairs. Other than wigs it is the most natural way of gaining your back without any surgery. With today's technology you can quickly gain your natural hair comfortably. 

It involves applying a membrane which is thin, light and transparent to the scalp of the head which is sewn with human hairs. Then this membrane is attached to the scalp and woven with your hairs to give a natural look. The membrane is connected to your head perfect match with the existing hairs in colour, type and density. It is fixed with a modern bonding material and blend along with your hairs. You can comfortably wear this membrane with confidence without people noticing it. It is a custom made designed to fit your head perfectly. For a male, this membrane can cover the bald spots due to male pattern baldness. 

Why choose non-surgical hair replacement?

Due to an alarming rate of people experiencing hair loss, hair replacement techniques aren’t new things. Non surgical hair replacement in Delhi cannot gain natural your hairs, but with it, you can easily camouflage your visible thinning of hairs and baldness. 

1.    No risks

There is no potential risk involved in wearing non-surgical hair replacement as opposed to surgical methods. 

2.    Less costly

It is an ideal solution for people on a budget who don’t want surgery to replace their hairs. Non-surgical methods are less expensive depending upon the density length and hair colour of custom hair replacement.

3.    Time-saving

In this hair replacement procedure, you don’t have to wait for hours to get complete the whole process. With the non-surgical method, you can see instant results without waiting for a prolonged period of time. Also, you don’t have to experience any pain or hassle a surgery cause during a hair transplant. 

4.    Safe

Other than being painless, non-surgical methods are also reliable. It does cause any scare or discomfort to the people.


When people are distressed because of hair loss nowadays which is a common problem among young adults. Planet of the hair cloning provides non surgical hair replacement in Delhi for people suffering from excessive hair loss problem. Visit our website to know more about our services.This method is 100% safe, effective and guarantee results. 

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