Why Ceramic Circuit Boards are Found in Green Colour?

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Most of the people who have seen a circuit board must have noticed one thing that they are printed in green colour or any other shade of the same colour. All the curious people who want to go into the depth of each topic must have the curiosity to know the logical reasoning behind the same colour.

Before we move further, you should know that the green or blue board of the ceramic circuit board is not entirely green. The green part of the board is available on the outer covering which is there to protect the inner circuits from moisture. However, the question is that why the green colour is only used despite the availability of other colours. Here is the answer to that question. 

#1 Green Solder Mask is Stronger

Physical robustness is something which can never be ignored. A solder mask is applied on the circuit board while manufacturing it. The solder mask is mainly of green or blue colour. However, the reason why these colours are used is that they have superior solder mask dams which are essential for ICs and pitch components.

#2 Easier for the Eye to See

The circuit boards made from hybrid technology needs care and attention as even a single mistake could ruin the entire functioning. Due to the technological restrictions, people have to manually clean the circuit boards which required a lot of concentration and continuous focus. With that thing in mind, they have to put a strain on their eyes to work on the single circuit board. During a research, it was found that green and blue colours have soothing wavelengths which help in relaxing the eye nerves. As people have to continuously work on the circuit boards, the solder masks used on the boards were green.

#3 Contrast Trace is High

One of the biggest reasons for using this colour is that its contrast trace is high. For a manufacturer, it is necessary to check every board for manufacturing defects. As the contrast trace is high in this colour, it makes it easier for them to find for such vulnerabilities. However, still, people prefer to use necessary magnifications to be sure.

These were some of the reasons why ceramic circuit boards are mostly found in green or blue colour. Now you know that there is a logical reasoning behind these colours and they are not selected randomly or just for attraction. On the other hand, there are some manufacturers which use different colours like red, yellow and white as they have similar reasons as well. 

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