Why Black and White Matters in Commercial Architecture Photography?

by James Spencer Blogger

When it comes to discussing commercial photography, it encompasses a wide range of aspects. They, obviously includes, along with other things, colours of varying shades, depth and magnitude. However, that does not mean that ‘colour' is an indispensable part of commercial photography. 

Expert commercial photographers can do away with colours and still create magic with the lens. Experts would opine that when a photograph is taken in black and white, it creates a fascinating impact on the subject, adding an eternal edge, along with unfathomable depth. This is how the magic is created. 



Here are a few aspects that are so unique in black and white commercial photography. 

  • Colours Do Not Distract Any More

As per one school of thought colours add life to photographs. However, they act as distractors as well, which lure the photographer away from the focal point of the image. Hence, a seasoned commercial photographer in Brisbane would put as much heart into black and white photos as in their coloured counterparts. 

These B&W images would establish the relationship between the subject and the background in a more intricate way, now that there is no distraction of colour.  

Moreover, while taking commercial photos, opting for black and white will allow the photographer to emphasise on the key elements of photography - lighting and composition, and the elements in and out of the image frame. 

With the presence of colour, it might not be possible. The colours will compel the photographer to work too much with the with respect to the image. This will allow the image to lose to its gravity. 

  • It Helps to See Light From a Different Perspective

When there is no colour, it helps to treat the elements of lights and their various elements and deal with them intricately. It will help to add more depth to the photos, more so when there is a right balance maintained between the lights and shades. 

Therefore, when it is all about commercial photography, going for black and white always counts, as it will add more gravity to the images. 

  • It Puts More Focus on the Emotion of the Image

Did you know that every photo has an emotion? It holds true in practically every photo - including the commercial ones. Take, for instance, the case of a commercial architecture photographer in Brisbane. The main objective of architecture photography is showcasing properties for commercial purpose. 

Therefore, there has to be an emotion attached to the images clicked as it will make it possible. When there is no colour, the emotion of an image is truly revealed, with the right use and balance of light and shade. 

Colours at times camouflage that mood, and that does not justify the purpose of the photo. Going B&W will negate that probability and make the photo more lively. 



  • It Adds a Timelessness to the Image

And then, the good old plus point of B&W photography - the element of timelessness will come into play! Black and white images carry an inseparable element of timelessness and class with them. As lack of colour acts as a throwback of photographic past, it adds an eternal mood to the images. It is this element of eternity that makes a difference. 

Besides, black and white commercial images help to amplify the use of negative space more authoritatively and purposedly. They also highlight shape, pattern and form. This makes a HUGE difference in architecture photography. 

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