Why Automation Anywhere may be a highly preferred RPA tool?

by Promitheia Tech Web Service and Digital Marketing Company India

Businesses everywhere the planet are trying to find solutions to streamline and automate their business processes while saving time, improving efficiency and gaining profits. Robotic Process Automation aptly serves this purpose. This technology uses the virtual workforce i.e. robots software to execute the tasks rather than humans. It is being widely utilized in diverse industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, Transport, Insurance, and Construction, etc. It is replacing the normal ways of automation at a quick pace.

How RPA is better than Traditional Automation?

When compared to traditional ways of automation, RPA is taken into account a full-fledged automation system and may be quickly implemented. In traditional automation, the machines perform the tasks and steps of operational processes. In RPA, automation is said to the front-end of the systems and is administered without the necessity to maneuver to the back-end.

Traditional automation requires manual intervention from time-to-time as it only works on the programmatic instructions given. On the opposite hand, RPA may be a self-managing way; it mimics user actions and takes decisions cognitively to perform actions.

Due to limitations within the programming languages within the traditional automaton, it's difficult to automate complex systems. However, in RPA, there's a lesser dependency on the system architecture.

Though, RPA will never replace the normal automation techniques completely, yet, it's highly preferred in most industries. It is easily scalable and cost-effective investment within the end of the day .

Now, let us have a look at RPA tools. They play a big role during implementation of RPA Processes. There are several tools accessible within the market, for example- Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Work Fusion, Blue Prism, etc. In this article, we are getting to know in short about Automation Anywhere.

One of the best RPA tools- Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere tool  is that the only cloud-native and web-based RPA platform powered by AI experience. It is getting used by over 3500 customers across the world in additional than 90 countries today. It is the foremost widely-deployed platform amongst all other. This platform provides capabilities to automate complicated operations in businesses that are usually performed by humans. This RPA vendor is progressing at a fast pace and its future seems bright.

The Architecture of Automation Anywhere

It is a client-server based distributed architecture and has three principal components in it:

Control Room:

This is the core component or the brain of this architecture. It is a centralized control and management layer that handles Bot Creators (creation of bots) and Bot Runners (bot execution). It provides features like source control, state of bots, dashboard, license management, etc.

Bot Creators:

This component is employed for bot development and editing. Bot creators are desktop-based applications used for uploading and downloading the bots. The bot code is stored within the room and every one the bots are often combined and executed simultaneously.

Bot Runners:

This component is employed for the execution of the bots and multiple bots are often executed simultaneously. Bot Runners are connected to the room for reporting the status of the execution log.


Features of Automation Anywhere

• It provides platform independence.

• It ensures bank-grade security.

• Since it automates complex business operations, human errors are reduced to an outsized extent.

• It enables faster and easier exchange of knowledge between files or applications.

• It ensures real-time analytics and reports.

• It enables script-less automation.

• It has cognitive capability and re-usability.

• It helps in increasing transaction speed.

• It supports macro recorders for high-speed process mapping.

• In Automation Anywhere, there's auto-login functionality to run the tasks, albeit the pc is locked.

• It allows task distribution to multiple computers simultaneously.

• It offers high security through encryption, authentication and credentials.

Applications where Automation Anywhere is used

• The banking industry uses this RPA tool for compliance processing, loan processing, customer account management, etc.

• The insurance industry uses Automation Anywhere for processes like report automation, claims processing and administration, prioritize and assign claims, etc.

• Healthcare organizations use it for forms processing, inventory management, digital invoice generation, etc.

• The manufacturing industry uses Automation Anywhere for corporate billing reports, sales order systems, payroll processing, purchase and order processing, supply chain management operations, etc.

Key Takeaways:

We have seen an overview of Automation Anywhere. It is fastest to scale and secure intentionally . This user-friendly tool is already getting used by several medium and large-sized organizations for automating their data entry and mundane tasks. It saves time and cost on manpower to a great extent.

PromitheiaTech  may be a leading RPA service provider in Noida . We have automated in-house processes of several global clients using Automation Anywhere tool. Drop us a line to understand how our RPA services can take your business to subsequent level!



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