Why Automate Preference Cards Are More Efficient Over The Paper-Based Preference Cards?

by Marta Jordan Writer
Doctors and surgeons of every medical facility have their preferences in the tools and equipment they use. That is why before every surgery, a surgery cart is brought together with the tools and products that a surgeon needs as paper their preferences. These preferences are jotted down on the preference cards. Every surgeon has their preference card, which is preferred before assembling the surgery cart.
Nowadays, instead of using paper-based cards, preference cards have turned automated. Now automated cards are created and maintained on a virtual cloud system. The data is filled automatically and maintained in the cloud. Here is why automated preference cards are better than paper-based cards. 

Why are paper preference cards not valuable?
From the very beginning preference, the cards have been in paper form. But, off late, the healthcare industry is facing major issues due to the paper preference cards. Due to these old and ratty preference cards, doctors, clinicians, and professionals of healthcare facilities face problems in their smooth medical processes. 

Here are some of the reasons why paper preference cards are not useful and valuable:

- Can lose the card: Manual paper cards can be lost easily. Usually, a healthcare facility can have hundreds of preference cards, and maintaining them is not a cakewalk. It is easy to lose one of them, which can lead to major setbacks in the surgical procedures. 
- Cannot understand the contents: Handwritten notes and content of the preference cards can be at times illegible. Doctors and clinicians with not-so-good handwriting can make the words illegible and difficult to understand. This can be a major issue in the process and create hurdles. 
- Causes time delays: Not having the right surgical equipment and tools by hand can cause delays in the surgeries. This can be a major setback as it can be a situation of life and death. Also, maintaining and managing the cards can be hassling and can cause time delays. 
- Dissatisfaction in operation theatre: Not having the right tools in their surgery cart can make the surgeon dissatisfied. This can lead to chaos and problems among the staff as well. 
- Ill-management of the inventory: Lastly, not having the right preference card or illegible writing can lead to errors in the inventory. This can increase cost and time delays, and poor inventory management. 

Why use automated preference cards?
Now, as time has changed, most of the work and operability of the healthcare facilities has upgraded itself. Today, automated preference cards are more in use. As these cards are cloud saved and automated, this has shown various benefits like saving time and enhanced efficacies. 
Here are some of the reasons why automated preference cards are so useful:
- Fewer errors: As the automated cards have no place for handwritten notes, these cards are well maintained and accurate. This means the data on the cards will be accurate and updated with no errors. 
- Less time consumption: As the cards are automated. Maintaining them and managing those takes less time. 
- Easy updation: Changes can be made very easily with the automated system. Whether at the surgeon level or the inventory level, the changes can be made with a few easy clicks only. 
- Easy record keeping: The inventory record-keeping becomes easier and lesser redundancies are found. Also, medical account keeping becomes efficient. 
- Better surgeon satisfaction: Lastly, having automated cards can make the surgeons and medical staff happy. There is no chance of mistakes, which elevates the working mood of the medical staff, increasing the quality of treatments. 

Choosing to automate preference cards over manual paper-based cards can have some major positive impacts on medical facilities. It can improve better healthcare management, better medical treatments and helps in saving time and cost. 

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