Why Are Vapers Crazy for Pod Vape System?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

As a vaper, it is hard that you haven’t heard of pod vape devices yet. Pod vaping has taken the vaping industry by storm. The simple logic behind it is the easy vaping technique and high nicotine hit. The convenient use makes this device one of the darlings of the vapers. There are two types of pods that vapers can choose from, such as close pods and open pods. Both the devices work on the same principle, but closed pod devices are disposable devices.

The current article is all about the reasons make pods so popular among the vapers.


In other words, it is hassle-free. Unless you are a vaper doing tricks, a pod can be a great option for you. Often people vape to enjoy. During the vaping, if one must remember the physics law of Ohm and sub-ohm, somewhere the enjoyment becomes less.

Pod devices are simple devices with no adjustments. Even several pod devices are there, which are draw-activated and doesn’t have the fire button as well. Therefore, the vapers can enjoy the vaping without thinking about the specific wattage and resistance levels.

Nicotine is Ultimate Satisfaction

Several smokers who left smoking to vaping complain about nicotine satisfaction. The reason is that most of the mod devices use juices which contains a very nominal amount of nicotine. On the contrary, pod vape devices use saltnic juices. These juices comprise high nicotine amounts. Therefore, smokers turn vapers can get the same old feeling of smoking. Further pod devices allow MTL vaping so it mimics the smoking feel.


In today’ fast-paced life, traveling becomes a part of life. Therefore, vapers often face trouble in carrying their devices with them. Mods have different accessories. Therefore, in terms of portability, it is not at all a good one. Further, mod devices along with the tank are big enough to carry in a pocket. While pod devices are small. Hardly one finds any difficulty in carrying this in the pocket.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance of pods is very easy. The matter is that these devices are less complicated. Therefore, after use, you need to change the pod tank or in case of disposable devices, you can throw the device. Therefore, hardly there is a maintenance that you need to do in case of pod devices.


Pods are much more economical than of the mods. Mods are generally priced higher than average pod devices. Even the disposable pod vape devices are priced much less. Therefore, smokers who turn to vape can opt for this as the investment is not high.

Final Words

The current article pointed out some basic reasons that make the pods an instant hit. Several other reasons are there as well. If you are vaper who is looking for enjoying a super experience and a subtle the nicotine hit, the pod vaping is the exact thing for you.

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