Why Are Dental Implants Getting Popular?

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Dental implants are a high-tech replacement tooth that mimics the tooth structure. First, a titanium ‘root’ is inserted into the bone. It is used to support the crown, bridge, or denture. It gives the feel of natural teeth and can last for entire life if it is appropriately taken care of.

For doctors who want to perform it, there are cosmetic dentistry training courses to get trained and skilled. Dental implant technology is the latest tooth replacement solution because of its advantages over the earlier treatments. With the advancement in dentistry, most patients can benefit from them, even those who could not earlier.

Who are the right candidates for the Dental Implants?

Anyone who has one or missing teeth or have broken or decayed teeth that can’t be repaired, the implants are an answer. Not everyone is comfortable with dentures so that such patients can benefit from the technique. In the past, those patients who had insufficient bones or who had certain health conditions or habits were not considered for implants. However, with the advancement in bone reconstruction, has ensured that most patients can receive the implants.

What are the Benefits?

One of the main advantages of the implants is that it restores the full chewing power. Most patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and the implant tooth. They can eat normally and can brush and floss regularly as well. So the dental implants behave like natural teeth.

The dental implants can last for entire life. But the dental bridges have a life of around 10-years or so. The implants are made from the titanium, which integrates with the jawbone. The material is accepted by the body, which makes it a powerful tooth replacement.

Dental implants prevent the loss of bone. In the absence of a tooth, the jaw bone in the space deteriorates as there is no chewing activity and stimulation. If there is no implant in the first ear of losing the tooth, the one area will lose a quarter of its volume, and bone loss continues for years to come.

Dentures can cause even more losses to the bone as they become loose and cause friction. But an implant replaces the tooth, as well as the tooth and chewing, is restored to normal. It provides the needed stimulation for the growth of the natural bone.

Dental implants bring stability to the adjacent tooth as well. The gap caused due to missing teeth can skew the adjacent teeth too. It may pull the teeth out of the position and may affect your bite and the ability to chew and the appearance as well. It can make the tooth replacement difficult later.

Dental implants can keep you free from gum disease. A missing tooth can trap the food and bacteria and may lead to gum disease.


With the growing popularity of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry training courses can surely benefit the dentist who wants to help their patients better.

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