Why Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers Are Still Your Best Bet For Avoiding Germs

by Hygiene Labs™ Best Disinfection Service In India

Whether we are using the germ infected public transport to public washrooms, we must carry hand sanitizer to protect us from them. Sometimes water and soap are not available or sometimes they are inaccessible. To be on the side of precaution for our loved ones and ourselves it is the best idea to carry an alcohol-based or an alcohol free sanitizer

This debate is going on for a long time now, what is better? Alcohol-based or non alcoholic hand sanitizer. Since alcohol is the main disinfecting agent in any hand sanitiser be it gel-based or hand rub. These days we do have companies like Hygiene labs which make hand sanitizer foam which is alcohol-free too. These hand sanitisers do the same job more effectively by killing 99.99% of germs and stays effective for a long time. 

How is alcohol-based sanitizer effective?

The alcohol-based sanitizer reduces the number of microbes on the hands when we rub it, but the effectiveness is guaranteed only when we use 65% to 95% alcohol content sanitisers. These sanitisers are harmful to our hands too, as they leave the hands dry or itchy. They also cause an allergic reaction in some cases. When we use alcohol-free hand sanitizer they may not be effective at all. It is important to study the ingredients in such cases to judge how effective they are overall and for how long. Hygiene Lab's 2 in 1 hand sanitizer is effective in killing the germs from hands and hard surfaces. The foam is gentle on the hands. 

Why is washing your hands with soap and water important?

While alcohol-based sanitisers are best at killing germs or reducing them too, it doesn’t mean that the importance of washing hands with soap and water is reduced. Sanitisers are not effective on some kinds of germs or bacteria especially gastrointestinal ones. So you must wash your hands as often as you can when you get a chance. 

Some ingredients in alcohol based sanitisers are not effective on a certain kind of bacteria or viruses. In this situation, using the same brand or depending on just sanitisers is not advisable, you must make it a habit to wash your hands regularly. 

Why try the non-alcohol sanitiser too?

Hygiene Lab's foam hand sanitizer has a lasting effect on your hands for almost 24 hours, this helps us to reduce the repeated use of the product. An alcohol-based sanitizer, the duration for which it is effective is the from the period, after the application you don’t touch any other surface or body part. This leads to repeated use of the product. Since we can conclude that the alcohol-based sanitizers are effective but for a very limited period. 

We all know that sanitisers are the most potent against the pandemic we are facing right now. The use of hand sanitisers has gone up due to which. But this has also given rise to harm to human skin or health overall. This has led my companies to come with alternative products which are kind to human skin and more effective on germs and viruses. We have the best hand sanitizer from Hygiene Lab which is foam-based, moisturizing and harmful only to the viruses not to the human skin. It is two in one product which makes it economical and handy when we want to disinfect our hands and any surfaces while travelling.

Although alcohol-based sanitisers do the job well, the need of the hour is to try alcohol free sanitizer, which is made to protect you from all kinds of bacteria and viruses and are not harming us in any other way while doing this. 

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