Which zodiac sign is the best leader?

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Firstly, in all of our online astrology course we always advise that to answer any question regarding someone’s characteristics you should aim for birth chart interpretation. To get real answers we have to dig deeper, look beyond the Sun sign towards the ruling planets and their aspects – and to be able to do that we need to learn astrology!  Looking only at someone’s Sun sign and Ascendant is not enough and can be prone to errors that can have serious consequences.


Of-course, that does not mean that the Sun sign gives no indication. It is true that some zodiac signs are better than others at bossing people around, but remember - leadership is not just about that!


When thinking of a natural leader, you might think of Taurus, as they seem strong, big and determined. They know how to prioritize and have incredible grit, however, they tend to be conservative and afraid to change which can lead them to poor decisions.


Aries, on the other hand, have a great energy but tend to spend it fast. Aries tend to be focused on themselves; they want to be the first in everything - the smartest, the fastest… They are capable of accomplishing a lot as they are very persistent, but on the other hand they often lack empathy for others. As leaders they don’t value interpersonal relationships and cooperation with others, because they are oriented primarily to personal success. Now, don’t get us wrong, Aries is a very strong sign! They could be good leaders, depending on other aspects in their natal chart, but to be great leaders we need discipline, patience, methodical approach, and organizational skills. 


So, can you guess who fits this description? Who has it all? Who is the master of time, torture and persistence? The planet Saturn of course, and after it – Pluto, that is – Capricorn, ruled by Saturn - is the strongest, and Scorpio takes second place. Stubbornness is also a Capricornian thing, closely followed by Taurus. 

Scorpios are famous for long-term and strategic planning, making clever alliances and never taking their eye of the ball. They are the chess players of the zodiac who know how to amass power and what makes people tick. The downside is that they tend to be suspicious of other’s motives, and prone to hide behind a veil of mystery which can put people off.


People born in Capricorn are very sensitive to the needs of others even though they often don’t show it. For Capricorns it is very important that their workers and associates are satisfied and that is the key to success. Fame and publicity are not as important for this sign.  

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