Which Lighting Option is Best: LED Lamps, Retrofit Lights, and New Fixtures?

by Saniya Zeenat Writer
People can get a lot of benefits when transitioning to LED lighting. LED lighting can reduce your maintenance time and cost although also improving your lighting quality. The key to an effective lighting upgrade is to evaluate your existing facility needs, assess the obtainable upgrade options, and testing some fixtures before committing.

When determining to elevation to LED lighting, it can either be ended by substituting the existing lighting apparatus with new LED light fixtures or selecting to exploit the existing light fixtures with retrofit LEDs which can save a considerable quantity of time and money. It is ideal to find an ideal company to install retrofit LED lights, lamps, and many others. Here are some differences between LED lamps, retrofit kits, or new fixtures to choose the right solution.

Fluorescent to LED Upgrade Options

Three choices exist for advancing the lighting of a commercial building from fluorescent to LED: LED lamps, LED retrofit kits, and entirely new fixtures. There is no upfront answer as to which solution is superior because each option has its own pros. The best choice will be contingent on project-specific situations and the goals of your promotion—let’s compare the advantages of all three:

LED Lamps

This solution involves purchasing LED lamps that are designed to work with your existing fixtures. There are many different types of LED lamps available. Depends on which type is selected, ballasts and lamp holders may need to be replaced or bypasses.

Advantages of LED lamp-Only Upgrades

1. Cheapest upfront cost
2. Quickest installation
3. Fixture and all-optical components remain
4. Energy savings—40%-60%

When a Lamp-Only Upgrade Makes Sense:

Advancing only the lamps from fluorescent to LED is suggested when your budget is limited or when the scheme must be finished with minimal downtime—the two main selling points of a lamp-only upgrade are a lower price and how humble installation can be.

LED Retrofit Kits

An LED retrofit kits substitute all the mechanisms of the existing troffer except the shell above the ceiling. The new apparatuses fit inside the shell of the old troffer and style it looks like a brand-new fixture.

This is a prevalent option because they are less expensive upfront than new fixtures and transport greater energy savings than LEDs, and offer numerous performance upgrades over TLED lamp swaps.

Advantages of LED Retrofit Kits:

1. Lower upfront cost vs new fixture
2. Keeps the existing fixture housing installed
3. Longer-term option vs lamps-only
4. Potential dimming and control capabilities
5. Energy savings—50%-70%

LED retrofit kits are parallel in simplicity to LED replacement lamp options but deliver more presentation chances mainly concerning lighting controls. As long as the prevailing fixture is in decent shape, using a commercial retrofit kit is an excessive solution to elevate your lighting system.

New Fixtures Designed with LEDs
This solution includes totally removing the remaining troffer fixture and substituting it with an LED fixture. LED fixtures are distinct for having light engines—an LED chip mounted on a circuit board in its place of the traditional lamp concept. One valuable aspect of new fixtures is that you can require lumen packages, color temperatures, and CRI levels as desirable for your facility.

Advantages of New Fixtures:

Dimming, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting controllability
Energy savings—50%-70%

When New Fixtures Make Sense:

There are two ideal situations where the fixing of new LED fixtures is recommended:
1.Metal Halide or T5 high bay lighting, harsh environments, external lighting, or presentation (sports complex) lighting.
2.New construction; if it’s essential to buy new light fixtures, purchase the most-efficient and longest-lasting selection on the market.

Like many investment decisions, selecting the right advancement option comes down to cost and benefits. Many professionals are a big fan of retrofit LED lights. That said, every project and budget is dissimilar, and each choice has a list of pros. Occasionally the goal of an illumination project is ideal performance, sometimes it’s about a cost-effective solution, and sometimes there’s room for both.

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