When you should purchase a concrete pump truck?

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

One of the most essential things to any construction company is a pump truck. It’s a piece of important equipment that helps pump concrete to form solid foundations. However, not all contractors decide to purchase one immediately. This is because there can be a few benefits to renting a concrete pump truck instead of outright purchasing one. However, this can also come with plenty of disadvantages over time.

A more obvious downside to pump truck rental is the cost associated with it. You’ll have to pay plenty of fees that come with renting out a pump truck. Also, you’ll be the one handling maintenance fees and the like without every fully owning the machine. If you’re willing to save up for a good while, what you need is to purchase your pump truck and enjoy the benefits of having done so.

Here are a few signs you should purchase your concrete pump truck:

The Costs Don’t Add Up Anymore

As mentioned earlier, one of the major factors that push people to buy a pump truck is the cost. If the prices don’t add up anymore, then that’s the time you’ll need to purchase a pump truck of your own. These costs include, but aren’t limited to operational and maintenance costs. If your pump truck is continuously run down and it’s still rented, then you’ll be incurring much more than what you bargained for at that point. By then, you’ll figure out that it’s not worth it to keep a deficient pump truck if it’s just rented. Might as well purchase a new one.

You’ll Need to Maintain It For a Long Period

Related to the cost of maintaining a pump truck, one of the things you’ll need to consider is how long you’ll need to keep the pump truck. If you’re going to keep it for an extended period, then you’ll need to purchase an entirely new pump truck. This will incur you less costs and maximize the efficiency of a completely new pump truck. Keep these considerations in mind when you’re considering purchasing or renting out a pump truck. These will help you in your decision-making process. However, if you’re not yet convinced whether you should or shouldn’t purchase a pump truck, there are two more points below to think about.

Looking at Your Needs

Assessing your needs is important when it comes to considering what equipment to buy. You’ll need to look at whether you really need a new pump truck, or whether renting out one will already do. However, this isn’t so easy when you’re constantly constructing and don’t have the time to observe your surroundings. In that case, get the opinion of your employees, especially the ones who handle the pump truck. Ask them whether they think the current setup with the pump truck is enough or whether you should start a change of equipment.

Used or New?

Finally, once you've decided on purchasing a concrete pump truck, the next question you ask yourself is whether you purchase a used or new one. From experience, used pump trucks equally tend to incur more maintenance and repair costs, so it’s best to stick to a new pump truck that suits your needs.

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