When to Hire a Texas Personal Injury Attorney after a Car Accident

by David White Professional Lawyer

In 2016 alone, 67,241 car accidents occurred in the state of Texas, and more than 23,000 of those included possible injuries. If you are one of the people injured in a wreck, a car accident lawyer can help you negotiate for a full and fair settlement to help you pay for your medical expenses and damages.

Often, vehicle accident claims can be settled without a lawyer. However, in some cases, injuries, complexity in the accident, or difficult insurance companies require the help of an experienced lawyer who can aggressively advocate for you. Here are a few of the times when contacting a personal injury attorney after a car accident can be a wise decision.

Contact a car accident lawyer if there are multiple parties involved in the crash.

When a car accident involves multiple parties (i.e. At least three parties, whether motorcycle, bike, pedestrian, or vehicle), establishing fault and, therefore, the exact claim you have can be difficult. In addition, multiple party car wrecks often lead to multiple lawsuits, which can be very confusing to navigate on your own.

In cases such as these, contacting a car accident lawyer immediately can give you access to a knowledgeable advocate who can navigate the legal scene confidently, fight to reduce your liability in the accident as much as possible, and pursue as much compensation as you deserve from the parties who are at fault.

Contact a car accident lawyer if serious injuries or death are involved.

Small injury claims are often relatively simple to resolve. However, serious injuries or death incurred as the result of a wreck need the immediate involvement of a personal injury attorney.

If at least one person involved in the accident suffered serious injuries or died, it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately (Often as soon as immediate medical care has been procured). Your attorney can help you to pursue the compensation you deserve from you or a loved one's injuries, and free up your time and energy to focus on healing.


Contact a car accident lawyer if one of the involved parties is uninsured.

While Texas law requires all drivers to carry insurance, you may still end up in a car accident with a driver who is either entirely uninsured or underinsured. This means that there is either no insurance company to compensate you for serious injuries and vehicle damage, or that the other driver's insurance company may not cover all of your expenses.

In these cases, you will need to file a lawsuit to receive the compensation you deserve. And that means you can benefit from the expertise of a Texas personal injury attorney. This lawyer can help you to file, manage the litigation, pursue evidence, and improve your chances of completing a successful lawsuit.

Contact a car accident lawyer if an insurance company refuses to pay the value of your claim.

In a perfect world, insurance companies would receive your claim, review the police reports, and pay you what you deserve after a car accident resulting in serious injury or the death of a loved one. However, this is not always the case. You may find that the insurance company and you disagree on exactly what happened, or on how much compensation you deserve. In these cases, contacting a car accident lawyer can be the best step in earning you fair and full compensation for the damages and injury you suffered.

Contact a car accident lawyer if you need to collect evidence to settle the claim.

Often, especially in the case of a car accident resulting in serious injury or death, evidence will need to be collected in order to determine fault or to support your testimony regarding what happened. At times like this, you should contact a personal injury attorney. This lawyer will know which evidence is needed for your claim, where to find it, and how to preserve it. Their expertise can ensure that your claim is backed up by as much evidence as possible in order to strengthen your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

Here at the Law Offices of David M. White, we provide the legal services you need after a car accident (or other type of accident or injury).

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