What’s Wrong With My Espresso? The Common Culprits!

by Eva Spenser Innovation

- Mulling over what’s the matter with your espresso machine?

- Are you worried that it is slacking off and not working as well as it ought to?

Well, truth be told, there’s a litany of problems that your espresso unit may encounter. And the only way you are going to tackle this is by knowing about them and summoning professional repairers to take care of this issue properly.

For your guidance, here are those common issues that your espresso may encounter over time and use.

1. Machine Has No Power:-

This is a very common problem with commercialised espresso machines. And the prime culprits for this inconvenience are:-

  • A Blown Fuse In The Main Power Supply Of The Unit:-There are numerous parts of the machine that can lead to tripping the electrics. Common ones include a loop in the element or the electrovalve.

So, tinkering the blown fuse with your unreliable DIY repair experiments may not give you the results you want. If anything, there’s a greater chance that you could make it even worse. The safer bet would be to contact experienced repairers to deal with it in their professional way.

  • The Safety Thermal Switch Has Tripped:- Every espresso maker is different and hence, not all of them come with a safety cut out which trips when the unit gets overheated.

Unfortunately; your unit seems to fall in the latter category and requires professionals offering espresso maker repairs to check it out.

2. Machine Dispenses Coffee Slowly, Or Doesn’t At All:-

There are times when your espresso machine may dispense coffee a tad slower than normal. And, there are other times when it doesn’t dispense at all.

As much frustrating as this is, there is more than one reason for this issue. You could have a clear problem with a faulty water supply. In that case, you should check if the main water supply is not turned off or whether the filter is blocked.

Other Issues Include:-

  • Issue with the pump- The pump along with the pump head fail constantly, and one telltale is the noise coming out of the pump. If this is the root of your espresso issue, then contact a reliable coffee maker repairer and get it sorted out properly.
  • Electrovalve for the water supply not working as well as it should- Dirt and filth gather in the water supply and clog the valve which opens to let the water into the machine.

3. Makes The Coffee Leak Over The Portafilter Side And Coffee Grains End Up In The Cup:-

This is indicative that the filter baskets are old and dented from hitting a hard surface. If that is the case; you should hire experts offering commercial coffee machine repair in Prestons and look to replace the dented filters.

Another cause could be that the group seals have gotten worn out, old and in need of immediate replacement. Most seals tend to harden with time and compressed by constantly operating at high temperature.

Ideally; you should think of replacing the seals at least once a year, and if that is the case in your unit, then waste no time in summoning the professionals.

4. Machine Unable To Froth Milk:-

This usually happens when the steam pressure in the machine is either too low or too slow. Another issue could be due to the blocking of the steam nozzle.

In such instances, check if the boiler pressure is at 1.0 bar (its needle being at the gauge’s right side in the red band). Also, check if the unit is switched to position 2 (the element symbol) on the on-and-off-switch.

Do Any Of These Seem Familiar...?

If yes, then don’t procrastinate further. Speak to these coffee maker repair experts and fix a schedule.

Using their vast knowledge and field experience, they will restore your espresso to its peak performance in no time.

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