What to Look for in Asbestos Removal Companies in Bloomfield

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Homes in our part of Michigan may still have asbestos in them. Does this surprise you? The truth is that while manufacturers and contractors were forced to stop using asbestos in new construction projects, it was never removed from existing buildings. That means if your home is more than a few decades old, it is likely lurking inside.


How can you tell? Actually, you can’t. You need a team of trained professionals to come in and perform a test on your home. This should be done before any type of remodeling or renovation project, as well as if you just want the assurance that you’re breathing in clean air.


#1 They are locally owned and operated. You will always receive better service from a locally-owned and operated small business, over a large corporation that isn’t emotionally invested in you. Thankfully, there are asbestos removal companies in Bloomfield that are based right here in town, that employ your friends and neighbors on the team. You’ll never hear “That’s not my job” or “We can’t do that” from a company like this.


#2 They work with your insurance company. Many times, asbestos removal in Bloomfield, MI is covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. In the case of an insurance claim, your chosen company should be able to work directly with insurance companies to expedite the process of your claim. Bring in a team that makes this entire process easier, not more complicated!


#3 They have all the necessary licenses and certifications. It should come to no surprise that you cannot simply let anyone remove hazardous materials and throw them away. There is a very specific way to do it in order for it to be safe and legal. Your chosen company should be certified and know exactly how the process works. Never trust anyone who can’t produce the proper paperwork.


#4 They can handle any size job. Let’s say you want to remodel the bathroom and bring in an asbestos company to check for signs of the hazardous material before you begin. This is a great idea! Now, imagine they find it and not just in the insulation, but in the tiles and insulating the water pipes as well. This job just got a lot bigger! Be sure to go with a company who can handle small and large jobs, because you never know when your needs may grow.


#5 They allow multiple payment options. In some cases, insurance will not cover the asbestos removal. In cases where the homeowner needs to pay some or all of the abatement costs on their own, the asbestos removal company should offer a payment option that works for you. No one should be stuck breathing in cancerous air because they cannot afford to remove the toxin. If you need a loan or to put the removal fees on a credit card, this is worth it!


While the thought of living in a home with asbestos inside is no doubt terrifying, do not allow your fear to make you choose the first company you can find to get it out. Take your time and only allow the area’s best abatement professionals to enter and work on your home.

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