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Because it is propagated like that, and I even blame fellow astrologers for this. Then the most relevant question is: what is Mangal Dosha: what to do if a person has Mangal Dosha?

What is Mangal Dosha

You search for Manglik dosha, and you find people saying:

  • Mangal in six houses gives Mangal Dosha i.e. the presence of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses makes a person Manglik.
  • It means 50% of the people are Manglik and 50% of the people are not Manglik.
  • Another perception is that a Manglik should not marry a non-Manglik.
  • So, who should marry whom?

But if you know actual facts about Mangal Dosha and what to do, even if you are Manglik, the problem of 75% of people will be resolved. Most of the time, such misconceptions about Mangal dosha make you miss the best life partner for you.

There is no doubt that the Mangal dosha can cause issues related to marriage matters, but how to check, if you are really Manglik. There are calculators/ other free tools available to check Mangal dosha, but if someone checks such a critical point with a little care, 75% of people will be relieved. One has to check the exact placement of Mars in horoscope to know about Mangal Dosha. It is not the house that makes a person Manglik but the placement of Mars in which sign, it is exalted or debilitated and some other factors.

Forget the theoretical narration of what Mangal Dosha is, what to do with Manglik Dosha and remedies for Manglik Dosha. Just read a few practical narrations below to decide if you are Manglik (in fact) and what to do if you are Manglik.

Another relevant statement here is that even if you are Manglik, it is due to your past life Karmas. If almighty has given you this blemish, he has also sent someone to counterbalance/cancel its effects in your charts; the only thing is that you need to follow the right methods to identify that soulmate. Otherwise, based on the orthodox methods to paste the blot of Mangal Dosha could make you miss your best life partner.

Read the gist of some practical analysis on Manglik Dosha below. You will realise that due to such misconceptions, you are either rejecting or getting rejected by someone who could be your best life partner.

Are you really Manglik:

The examples below are just a glance into over 10000 horoscopes I would have studied to check (only) if the person has Mangal dosha and what to do for Mangal Dosha?

Person 1 – DOB: 13 Jun 1999, TOB: 15:13 pm, POB: Kolkai, Tamil Nadu. Mars is placed in the First House in Leo sign. Mars positioned in the Libra sign, the sign of Venus neutralizes the importance of Mars hence the person is NOT MANGALIK.

Person 2 – DOB 12 Mar 2000, TOB; 18:13 pm, POB: Kottayam, Kerala India. Mars is placed in the eighth house, but Mars is positioned in the Pisces sign, the sign of Jupiter, which does not result in Manglik Dosha So, the person is NOT MANGLIK.

Person 3 – DOB 22 May, 1998, TOB: 18.00 pm, POB: Bengaluru, India. Mars is placed in the eighth house but is positioned in the Taurus sign, the sign of Venus, and this position of Mars does not result in Manglik Dosha, so this person is also NOT MANGLIK.

Typically all three natives would have been declared Manglik, but I told them: wherever you post your profile, say confidently that you are not Manglik.   

Solution/Remedies for Manglik Dosha

The typical astrologer may first declare you a Manglik and then suggest different conventional remedies for Manglik Dosha. You cannot ridicule the verdict of the almighty (if you are really a Manglik) by performing Pooja at a particular temple, performing Kumbh Vivah or donating blood, pulses, jaggery etc. With due respect to all, I want to say, the best and the only solution for Mangal Dosha is to marry after matching charts. But do the matching properly and don't just go online using mathematical tools. There is a very high chance that you will not miss the best life partner due to misconceptions about Manglik Dosha. Now read some examples to understand, best remedies/solution for Mangal Dosha.

Example 1; Boy: 18.11.1999, 22.00 pm, Ambala, Haryana. Girl: 04.09.1999, 01.28 am, New Delhi

They both knew each other, families were also ok for this alliance. But the girl’s father was scared that the boy was Manglik from 7 house. I told them that the boy is not Manglik  even though Mangal is positioned in the seventh house but this is exalted. Usually, people are convinced that Mangal, in the 7th house makes a person Manglik. Of course, I told them there was an issue with Venus, but that was manageable by performing some simple things, but only after marriage. Remedies before marriage make an alliance conditional, which should never be advised, no matter how good the couple know each other.

Example 2: Boy: 17.12.1998, 07.40 am, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Girl: 03.10.2000, 01.55 am, Pune,

Best friends for four years wanted to marry. But here the boy’s father was adamant the girl was Manglik. No doubt, she was Manglik with Mars in her 2nd house in the Leo sign, but the boy had Ketu sitting in the 3rd house, which cancelled the girl’s Mangal Dosha. The boy's father, of course, spoke to me at length, but finally his doubt got cleared. I don’t know how many couples will get such an opinion to marry the best future life partner or will miss it due to misconceptions about Mangal Dosha.

Example 3: Boy: 23.02.1994, 02.22 am, Pune, Girl: 28.11.1995, 10.54 am, Pune

Both working professionals knew each other from college time, but many Pandit Ji told that the girl is Manglik from the 12th house. No doubt, she had Mars in the 12th house, but it was in the house of Jupiter, so she is not Manglik. Of course, there was mismatch in the Karakas for which I told them a few things and they were ready to abide by the same. But at least the menace of Manglik Dosha went away, and after that, it was their personal decision whether to marry or not.

A proper matching of horoscopes made them marry the right person. However, this requires comprehensive horoscope matching and not just online mathematical results. One can read more about it on how to match horoscope

For any doubt on Mangal Dosha, you can take an authentic report are you really a Manglik. This could be an eye-opener.

The problem here is nothing but clarity if the person is really Manglik, what do you do if you have Mangal Dosha? What is the best solution for Mangal Dosha? For any specific query, connect with Dr vinay bajrangi at +91 9999113366.

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