What to Check before Purchasing a Used Royal Enfield

by Royal Enfield King Royal Enfield King

What should you check before purchasing a used Royal Enfield? This is perhaps the second biggest confusion for one opting to purchase a used RE; the first one being the quandary of whether he should purchase a used one or a new one. If you ended up purchasing a faulty bullet, then it would ruin your life. To avoid that, here we discuss a few things that you need to check before finalizing your purchase of used RE.

Are you ready?

Think of it from the perspective, as things get older, complications increase. Even a human being stars visiting physicians often as he/she gets older. And the same logic would apply to your bullet bike too. Your machine is old now and needs more care and love. You would need to make it a habit to visit your mechanic every three or four weeks or so for a general check-up to make sure that your bike won’t break down in the middle of a road all of a sudden. So, the very first thing that you should check is are you really prepared for this? Do you have the needed time and patience?

Purchase from a reliable source:

This factor might not apply to purchase a vintage Royal Enfield as there aren’t so many people selling those; however, if you’re purchasing something, which is 10-15 years older, then buy it from somebody you know; or from somebody who is a known to somebody you know. Thus, you get an idea about how the bullet was used. Keep in mind that it is not how many kilometers the bike has run but how did the previous owner used and maintained it.

Used or abused?

Well, this is kind of a mind game and you would need to be the best judge. It is comprehensible that while somebody wants to sell a bullet, they would ensure that the outer look of the bike is good at least and might not send the true images out. But is it as great inside as it is outside? It would be wise to ask the previous owner a few questions about why is he willing to sell it and even about the motorcycle.

But, if you already have made your mind to buy a used RE, then we would like to suggest you install only genuine bullet bike parts and accessories as it will maximize the lifespan and enhance the look of your Enfield.

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