What should you think about when creating the NFT Marketplace?

by Marnus Harris Marketing Specialist

The marketplaces are gaining a lot of traction among a diverse group of people, including developers, crypto enthusiasts, and investors. Hundreds of millions of dollars pass through these platforms on a monthly basis. According to Forbes, the NFT market will have grown by 1785 percent by 2022. RisingMax is one of the leading IT companies providing nft marketplace architecture services, helping out businesses expanding globally.

Platforms such as Rarible, OpenSea, Sorare, and Foundation are quickly gaining traction. The largest NFT marketplace is OpenSea. It houses everything from paintings to virtual worlds, sports, and music. Its website has around 4 million items organised into 200 categories.

This article discusses the characteristics of a marketplace and the steps involved in creating an NFT marketplace.

How do you make your own NFT marketplace?

1.Business analysis

It's the first stage of the development process, and it's where the project's most important decisions are made. Decisions are made about the project's business components, such as which features should be implemented, which product should be developed, and which user flow should be built. The goal should always be to create a simple and practical marketplace architecture that supports all of the necessary features.

2.User interface/user experience (UI/UX) design

The most important feature of an NFT marketplace is a clear and simple user interface. The platform's look and feel is determined by UX/UI designs. For UX/UI design, it is strongly advised to seek the advice of a professional.

3.Creating a protocol for smart contracts

The NFT marketplace necessitates the creation of Blockchain-based smart contracts. Smart contracts are built using a variety of technologies, including Ethereum, Solidity, and Flow, depending on the needs of the client. 

4.Develop the front-end

The back-end design is brought to life by front-end development. Developers implement all critical client-side features and select the best framework for the project. The most important task here is to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and reliably.


The developed product is being tested to see if there are any bugs in the system. It quickly detects and fixes bugs, making the product ready for launch. Testing ensures that the platform functions as expected and meets all project specifications.

6.Getting Started and Getting Support

Launch the NFT marketplace platform after it has been thoroughly tested and proven to be bug-free. Regular maintenance and updates are required after the launch. Furthermore, providing technical support to users is critical.

What characteristics might the NFT marketplace have?

To carry out basic operations, a core NFT platform includes the following features:

  • Storefront

An NFT marketplace must have a storefront that provides users with all of the necessary information about an item, including bids, owner details, price history, and other pertinent data. For example, OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace, displays chain information to check the Smart contract and ensure the authenticity of the purchased NFT.

  • Look for specific items

To make it easier for users to find collectibles, the marketplace platform should support category management and tagging. Items can be classified according to their type, such as art, music, domain names, trading cards, virtual lands, sports, and utility.

  • Filters

Filters make it easier to navigate through a platform with a lot of collectibles. Users must be able to browse items by category, listing status, and payment method on the marketplace platform. It also aids in effectively reducing the time between NFT selection and purchase.

  • Make a listing

The process of creating and submitting NFTs should not take too long. Users must be able to upload a file and fill in basic token properties such as name, description, and tags on the platform.

  • Listings current status

Users can use listings to help them choose which NFTs to buy. Users must be able to quickly and easily search, sort, and filter for the best suitable option. The status of listings aids sellers in navigating the site, especially when using a collectible verification process. It helps sellers know where their items are in the verification process.

  • Purchasing and Auctioning

One of the most important aspects of the NFT marketplace's development is the development of auction mechanisms. More bidders would come to the platform if the NFT buying system was more user-friendly and efficient. Furthermore, to give users more control over their bids, the bid expiration date must be included in the form. Users can view details about the current status of bids on the auction watch list.

  • Wallet

To send, receive, and store NFTs and cryptocurrencies, wallets are required. The simplest method is to connect users with their existing wallet. For example, the well-known marketplace Rarible allows its users to link any of their wallets. Wallets such as Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, WalletConnect, Formatic, and others are available.

  • Ratings

NFT ratings help out users in deciding which NFT to purchase. Furthermore, top sellers can be identified and rewarded, demonstrating their trustworthiness based on their ratings.

When creating an NFT marketplace, what should you look for?

When it comes to creating an NFT marketplace, there are two major considerations. They're necessary for your success. Security and hiring an experienced development team are two of these considerations. Let's take a closer look at each point.

  • Security

When it comes to money, you can't afford to ignore security. Although blockchain is a fairly reliable technology with built-in security mechanisms, adding more features is never a bad idea. Tools to inspect and detect malicious content that could harm your users may be required. Additional checkboxes can be added to the publishing or purchasing of tokens so that users can be confident in their authenticity and reliability. A user profile is also a crucial security feature. At the very least, implement basic KYC (know your customer). OpenSea, for example, allows users to add links to their social media accounts to help NFT buyers learn more about the creators.

  • Blockchain development team with years of experience

So we arrived at the development team's decision. I'm not going to spend a lot of time explaining why it's critical to work with experienced blockchain developers to produce high-quality software. It is self-evident. I'd rather try to assist you in selecting the best software provider.

To begin, hiring development teams to help you create your NFT marketplace will significantly speed up the process. Particularly when it comes to firms that offer full-cycle development services. This is the most economical option.

Second, look into the experience of the company you're considering working with. How do you go about doing it? Examine the completed projects, confirm that the team includes experienced blockchain developers, and seek feedback on the firm's work. Check to see if a software provider can handle all of your project's needs.

Finally, see if you enjoy interacting with your coworkers. Your project is more likely to succeed if communication is simple and informal, and the team understands your objectives.

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, attracting an increasing number of users every day. The creation of a trading platform for NFTs has become a hot topic. This article briefly discusses the NFT marketplace's features and development methodology in order to provide a basic understanding of the requirements for creating a marketplace. RisingMax is one of the leading nft minting website development company in the United States. For more information you can visit our official website where we keep you updated.

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