What Roles Are Expected from a Mental Health Nurse in Plymouth?

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Mental health issues are the leading driver of disability worldwide, with one in six people affected every week. So, the demand for healthcare professionals to care for these patients is on the rise. With such large numbers and a shortage of nursing staff in the UK, mental health nurses need to be highly skilled and adept in handling their responsibilities.  

The nursing agency in Plymouth offers promising opportunities to nurses in the field of mental health nursing. As a nurse with expertise in mental health, you can expect the following roles.  

Assess Patients 

The primary role of a mental health nurse is to assist the doctor in assessing the patient’s condition. This is during the first contact, as well as in subsequent visits. A sound diagnosis is key to positive outcomes of treatment. 

The nurse may have to ask both open-ended and closed-ended questions. Since each patient is unique, they require a custom-made diagnosis plan. Some patients may be talkative, while others may limit their responses to short, curt replies. So, the nurse should be able to switch their line of questioning based on the patient’s response.  

Develop Treatment Plans 

Once the patient has been diagnosed correctly, you will assist the doctor in developing a treatment plan. This may involve hospitalisation, medication, therapy, and counselling. When designing the treatment plan, the patient's health condition needs to be considered. 

Administer Pharmacologic Agents 

For patients who are hospitalised, you need to administer their medication on time. Once the patient has taken the medication, their chart needs to be updated with the information. If the patient reacts adversely to any medication, then you need to inform the doctor immediately.  

As a mental health nurse, when you try to find a nursing agency near me, you must check if they offer mental health-related openings. Such jobs will give you immense learning. With only 12% of all RN’s specialising in mental health, the shortage of such nurses is enormous. 

Update Patient Records 

Updating the patient’s record after each doctor visit, procedure, a round of medication, etc., is extremely vital. This information will help other caregivers in case you are not around. If the patient’s records are not updated correctly, then it may lead to over or under medication. As a mental health nurse with a nursing agency in Plymouth, your responsibility is to ensure such errors do not occur.  

Direct Care Provider 

You are the direct care provider for your patients. This means that you are there for the patient right from the time they came for treatment to the day they leave. This will require you to develop interpersonal skills that allow you to befriend your patients. Only when patients trust you, will they respond well to your treatment.  

Educate The Patient’s Family Members 

Often, mental health patients have family members who are concerned about the well-being of the patient. Family members experience a great deal of stress and anxiety as they see their loved one suffer. It becomes your responsibility to educate the patient’s family members about the patient’s condition, their treatment, and the outcome. You will also have to teach them how to deal with patients in various situations once they are out of your care.  

Community Mental Health Care Provider 

As a mental health nurse, you will also play the role of a community health care provider. It entails educating the community about the causes of mental illness and the signs to look out for. You will also be required to educate them on interacting with mental health patients.  

Mental health nurses search the term find a nursing agency near me to know about the current openings in their field. It will help you find opportunities appropriate to your skills and experience. So, don’t wait, go ahead and find the perfect opportunity that will help you make a difference in someone’s lives.

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