What Pregnant Moms In Watford Have To Say About COVID-19 Outbreak

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Warm greetings to all would-be-mums living in Watford! COVID-19 has turned the world upside down to a great extent. Corona outbreak has changed the normal routine of everyone’s life, including all pregnant women. Pregnancy is never the same again due to the outbreak of this virus. Since one of the most important experiences of a woman’s life, pregnancy, has seen a significant change after the outbreak of Coronavirus, we thought of asking some would-be-moms in Watford on how COVID-19 impacted their pregnancy lives. So without wasting another moment, let’s take a look at what our lovely pregnant moms have to say. 


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Strella Westwood: “Corona pandemic is the worst thing that happened to the entire world. Our UK has seen many deaths due to this deadly virus. My life is never the same as before. I had so many plans for my pregnancy but due to lockdown, I had to change all of them. I no longer enjoy my pregnancy as before and all I want is to deliver a healthy baby. Let’s hope this pandemic ends as soon as possible”.


Kelly Green: “I was so excited for my pregnancy but this Corona dampened my excitement. My plan to go on a babymoon was shattered and I am still unhappy about it. Nonetheless, I’m taking good care of myself and I have plenty of time to practice the hobbies that previously I never used to get the time for. The year is about to end and I am hoping 2021 to be an amazing year”.


Jade Monroe: “I am a very positive person and I always believe that whatever happens, it happens for good. If Corona gave us something bad then it gave us something good too, as it taught us the true meaning of life and how hygiene and health are important for every fellow human being. Upon that, pregnancy is a beautiful experience and I would never let anything or anyone ruin this memorable experience of mine at any cost, no matter if it’s Corona or anything else. So, if you are pregnant, don’t worry much about Corona, maintain proper hygiene and keep your nose and mouth covered whenever you are in the crowd”.


Julie Stone: “It’s not Corona that sucks, it is the complete fear inculcated in the minds of people by media and other portals that sucks. They all have made us live in fear since months which I don’t agree with. But still, if we want to save our lives then we have to abide by the rules and regulations. I know that we are living in the era of a pandemic outbreak but that does not mean we should live in fear locked up inside our rooms. I have stopped watching the news and have used the entire home quarantine to spend time with my family and take care of the life growing inside me. For me, my family matters the most and I’m thankful to Corona as this pandemic brought me more closer to my family”.


Rachel Lewis: “I’m a stay-at-home wife (now mom) and my pregnancy was confirmed in March. In the month of March, there was not much hoo-ha about Coronavirus but gradually lockdown was imposed in the UK. I was way too scared because I couldn’t go out anywhere except for my prenatal appointments. It is my first pregnancy as well so you can understand how much difficult it was and is for me to deal with this situation. My husband and his family are very supportive. My husband and I have made it a habit to video chat with his family once or twice a week. Due to this lockdown, I have knitted a lot of cute little things for my upcoming baby and even learned new recipes”. 


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