What makes isolation transformers important for UPS?

by Jitender Kumar SEO Consultant

Right power solutions are essential for both domestic and industrial operations. UPS is a commonly used device both in homes as well as offices. These ensure a smooth power supply even in fluctuating power situations. You can further improve their functionality by combining them with isolation transformers. Want to know how? Read the article!

Earlier UPS systems used to be designed with a permanently installed internal isolation transformer to ensure smooth functionality. But the newest designs of UPS systems are without power transformers. These have advanced technology that ensures improved efficiency and better design without power transformers making part of their circuits. But some people still look for isolation transformers to add to their UPS to achieve the desired function. No matter how advanced is the design of UPS, there are still situations where transformers are needed making isolation transformers essential for these systems.

Significance of isolation transformers for UPS

Before moving on to the importance of these transformers for UPS, let's first understand the role of isolation transformers in the power architecture of data centres:

  • To act as an important part of power conversion circuits

  • To reduce harmonic currents

  • To allow accommodation of power fluctuations

  • To eradicate the need to ground loops with multiple generators

Reasons making isolation transformers a significant part of UPS

Strong grounding for loads

For the UPS systems having a highly resistant grounding system whereas the loads connected need a strong grounding, these transformers ensure safe and sound operation.

Smooth UPS maintenance

Regular maintenance of UPS is essential to not just make it work well but also to boost its lifespan. These transformers help you achieve this goal by making maintenance of UPS easy and quick. Isolation transformers in UPS keep them isolated from the power source, which prevents the risk of electrical shock during maintenance and ensures the safety of the technician.

Better safety

Like distribution transformers, isolation transformers are also designed to increase or decrease the voltage levels as per the requirement. This makes them essential to follow the right safety measures in organizations. Moreover, these protect the equipment from unnecessary damage by isolating them from the main alternating power source. These transformers protect the device and the people from any accidents during unpredictable altered voltage disturbances by separating the loads from the circuit.

Effective power supply

As the name suggests, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) ensures smooth and continuous power supply to the equipment connected with it even when there is a power cut. Not just uninterrupted power supply, the UPS also converts the AC power into DC power and then further the inverter converts it back to AC with the help of a rectifier. The only way to boost the life of such an important device is to connect them with additional equipment like an isolation transformer. It also improves the safety and the quality of the power supplied by the UPS.

Though the isolation transformers are just a choice in the latest designs of UPS, the final choice is completely yours. You should understand your requirements, usage of the UPS, importance of the data on your system and accordingly decide whether you want to invest in a transformer or not. If confused, you can also take help of the manufactures as they will tell you about the right usage of the machine for your system.

Whether you are using an isolation transformer or distribution transformer, ensure that you first understand their requirement, benefits and right usage. It will help you find the best solution to your power supply requirements in your budget.

If you have any query on isolation transformer, share it with us through comments and we will try our best to help you with the right answer.

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