What makes contact lenses suitable for nearly everyone?

by Steven Jones Owner

If you still wear eye glasses than it’s time to ditch them. You are missing out on the benefits of contact lenses. They can be a convenient alternative for you without any compromise on clear vision and comfort. There are various brands of contact lenses available in the market to choose from. Contact lenses are designed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. They can be customized also for curing specific needs. For example, scleral lenses are customized and fitted for those who have any corneal irregularities. They allow the wearer to see without the eye glasses and are suitable for nearly everyone. Not only they can be used to cure certain eye problems but can also be used for cosmetic purposes. The lenses used for cosmetic purposes are available in various designs and colors and can completely transform the wearer’s look.  

·        Contact lenses are made of breathable material which allows oxygen to pass easily through the eyes. They are designed to be comfortable and if worn correctly, they can feel comfortable during the entire wearing period. On the other hand, eye glasses can be very irritating as their prolonged wear can cause pain on the bridge of your nose and the tops of your ears. 

·        The frames of your eye glasses can easily break in many circumstances. For example: if they are slippery due to sweat, they can fall off easily and break. However this is not the case with contact lenses and with proper care and maintenance, they won’t experience much damage.  

Eye glasses restrict your peripheral vision and you have to cope up with the frames coming in your line of sight. Contact lenses don’t obstruct your vision as there will be no need to turn your head to see something beside you. You just have to move your eyes in order to see. 

·       People feel more confident about their physical appearance while wearing contact lenses. Also, many people choose to wear contacts during sports and other physical activities, as they prove to be more efficient than eye glasses. 

·        Contact lenses don’t fog up in rain, dust or sweat which makes them efficient than eye glasses. Some of them also provide UV protection but it is still advisable to wear UV protection sunglasses while going outdoors. 

Above mentioned benefits make it clear that contact lenses can be more comfortable than eye glasses. 

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